Sunday , April 18 2021
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Speeding Was Cause Of Tiger Woods Crash, Investigators Say | NBC Nightly News

Tiger Woods was driving more than 80 miles per hour, nearly double the speed limit, when he lost control of his SUV and crashed. Investigators say he showed no signs of impairment and may have inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brakes.
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Speeding Was Cause Of Tiger Woods Crash, Investigators Say | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Tiger shouldn't have a license. It's that simple.

  2. I swear he is involved in more accidents than any person I've known of. And only he gets hurts- which is good. But it seems to me these may be reckless suicide attempts. He needs his head examined, I don’t think he is well at all. 🙁

  3. He's not receiving any special treatment? BS!!!
    IF you or I did what Tiger did, we'd be sighted with SPEEDING, WRECKLESS DRIVING at the very least! CELEBRITY PRIVILEGE!
    Dollars to donuts, Tiger was speeding well before that stretch of road. 87 in a 45?!?!? For most, that's a jailable offense.

  4. just another case of the privileged getting away with breaking laws..his foot hit the wrong pedal…went from 60kms to 120kms…he didnt remember anything🤣🤣🤣

  5. You would figure a guy with that kind of money, and that kind of reckless automobile history, would have the decency to hire a full-time chauffer.

  6. No blood alcohol or toxicology screen ? Sounds pretty fishy. Why no charges if the “black box “ proves he was speeding ? Tiger must be paying someone off .

  7. So by technical definition he was driving criminal speed. Anyone else would have been hauled straight to jail. Quite the double standard from law enforcement by not doing anything about it, makes them just as guilty.
    So… If you have a crash at breakneck speed just flash them your platinum card and you won't get a citation or test of sobriety. That's the message being given here.
    Tiger, man up and own the charges. You are no longer the inspiration for others, you are a has been. Shame on you.

  8. I think Tiger Woods needs to be countable for his actions.

  9. They are giving him special treatment. How can they say that checking his phone use isn't a factor. They also said he pressed the accelerator instead of brakes, maybe he did it on purpose.


  11. On this particular road, Northbound Hawthorn Blvd.,
    you can achieve 45-50 mph without ever touching the accelerator!!!
    From the 'T-Intersection' at the top, it's downhill for 3/4 of a mile!!!!

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  13. No ticket for speeding ? I am glade he has not killed anyone . He is not too bright !😨

  14. 87 mph is speeding in the US? In Germany it's average speed on the Autobahn 😂

  15. It’s possible to spend your entire life doing dumb things consistently. Thereafter seeking forgiveness from those who don’t.
    This man is extremely good at hitting a ball with a stick….
    When it comes to the things that really define a person, he is still to get going. He is yet to find adulthood.

  16. Police investigating the crash said Tiger is not out of the woods yet!

  17. always looks like hes on the verge of crying

  18. What a model citizen endangering others lives on the road , its not bad enough with managing your life around covid-19 and you have to watch out for this stupidity……

  19. Today we witnessed how Biden thanked Putin for his support in the elections. Oil prices are rising! Biden does not resist. The sanctions are only simulated.

    President Donald Trump

  20. It's official. Tiger has the driving skills of an average golfer.

  21. Very lucky to be alive… GENESIS.

  22. guess he'll get a trophy for that too…

  23. Another person that can't drive, but in denial of that

  24. not even a ticket no problem here

  25. i suspect tiger lived to please his father. ever since he died tiger has, IMO, been leading a life with little direction.

  26. Immediate in new cars and bills bills they got a mess on a new Buicks the celebration of the celebration in a mu buildings in a Buick Buick’s sometimes the new cars in Butte distillery synonym the good cars but someone will just go straight garbage

  27. They got black boxes on car 😳?

  28. FANTASTIC!!! now I can sleep tonight thanks NBC 😉

  29. 88 MPH in a 45 MPH zone and no citation? Looks like this is either black supremacy favoritism or it was because the police didn't want to have their police station burned down by BLM?

  30. Self-righteous commenters here have all the answers and run their lives without mistake. Believe me.

  31. We are giving special treatment to Tiger because he's a star and everyone knows Cali. Is Corrupted we are not gonna cite him for anything now and forever and there's nothing you can do about it. What kind of message are we giving to young kids. Messed up.

  32. Was he distracted or drunk 🥴 unbelievable

  33. Like his very good friend Donald Trump, tiger gets away with everything.

  34. home boy got pulled over wit a bottle of pills drunk in jupiter near where i live a couple yrs ago. take this man car away already.

  35. You would think Tiger was driving a DeLorean…

  36. He was high on drugs and alcohol
    No drug test or breath test
    They are giving the rich people special privilege
    Anyone else would be in jail.

  37. So I'm guessing Tiger was late ? 😁

  38. Unfortunately, his career is probably over.

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