Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Spending The Day On The Trail With Andrew Yang | NBC News Now

He wants to give everyone money because he believes robots will replace human labor in short order. And he’s become an unlikely hero among some in the alt-right. We spend the day on the trail with Andrew Yang and talk to him about his unexpected new fan base.
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Spending The Day On The Trail With Andrew Yang | NBC News Now


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  1. Great guy good hearted 🙏🙏🙏

  2. History in the making. Yang all the way

  3. The reason he's popular with the Alt-Right is because he has solutions for problems that hurt everyone, left, right, racist, not racist… It helps everyone.

  4. There’s no White supremacy, just White people feeling the scarcity of jobs, economy and they see other non-whites, immigrants making more money than them.

  5. Freedom dividend is highly overrated. Since Yang is treating SSI payments as welfare, is senior elects to take $1,000 freedom dividend, his social security payments will be reduced by $1,000. So Yang plan is no starter for most of the 62 Million seniors who are collecting social security in 2019. .

  6. How do rebut if Trump steals Andrew Yang's idea and propose 1200 freedom dividend?

  7. I lost my job at Blockbuster to automation.

  8. Even if he doesn't win his campaign woke everybody

  9. My 88 year old Mother and my 62 year old Sister say " what's the catch?" Or " that's only a pipe dream", needs to wake up.

  10. If we don't get a universal basic income, I see no way out of a system of the rich getting richer and see an uprising from our future generation. I'm 58 and will lead the pack. If one can't lead the mantra of humanity comes first then you are screwed.

  11. Hoho….i proud of amarica just bcoz of the name of demcracy.. ..i love democracy really…US need change everytime if its need…now all of amarican hav a chance onse again to make every globe to share..plz make it real. ..a democracy from the time of history…..

  12. Shout out to the yang gang
    Love you guys
    Keep up the good work
    Yang will win this election

  13. Maybe Yang could end that alt right white nationalist mentality. UBI for all Americans of all race class and color will mean unity.

  14. Yang 2020 that’s my president. FYI I voted for trump!

  15. Everyone should check out Polynu Digital's "Andrew Yang the Future of Politics" (post date 8/20/2019).  It is crazy beautiful awesome!  The YangGang is the wind beneath his wings.  Let's make him fly!!!

  16. Yang will bring brilliance and compassion for humanity back to the White House.

  17. "Unite this country" Wow.. 🙂 Yang2020!

  18. No need for illegals and immigrants cause robots are taking your job. Who is going to pay for that $1,000 a month when all the rich people go broke?

  19. OMG We LOVE THIS GUY !!!! He's what this word NEEDS NOW !!!!!

  20. He is, without a doubt, an American messiah. He will lead this country out of the wilderness of insecurity and despair that is plaguing more and more Americans. Now is our chance to make things right. I still find it hard to believe that such a man even exists. He is the real deal.

  21. He will be growing growing and rising..step by step by step…wait to see…and people are smart to choose the right ones in the end. Andrew Yang is brilliant…

  22. Yang the only one making sense with solutions by giving $1000 to all the citizens therefore it will create jobs and small businesses will not go out of business because people got money to spent on small business. The rest just talked no plans. You got my vote Andrew Yang!!!!

  23. i love it he is the new symbol of the american dream…. anything can be possible lets set our differences aside and lets not focus on left or right but lets focus on moving forward today as american citizens! don't let corporate greed, monopoly and AI/Automation drive us out of jobs to take care of our family .

  24. How could that guy not scream YEA he has my support ??

  25. This dude's politics are not about politics, are about logic ! and that's great. I almost feel like I am listening to one of my smart college professors when hes speaking, instead of some political clown like most of the others.

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