Friday , December 4 2020
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Spicer: Trump kept promises and has results to show

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer discusses what he believes Trump should address at the State of the Union and The New York Times’ most recent Trump headline.

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  1. All USA Trump Supporters should gilt 45 Trillion Law Suit Against all of these Horrible Democracts and they should all be Revoked from the jobs and USA Citizens should be Repaid from the Law Suit since they used Tax Payers money for this Clown Show!

  2. For Gods sake, put politics aside and embrace Russ with virtual love. Cancer sucks. I know

  3. Trump is innocent. Best we’ve had in my memory. Enough said

  4. We must drive the commi. Party out of our America !!!

  5. TRUMP is "WALKING TALL" and leading us to greatness!

  6. Well if he did all he promised,  did Mexico send that check,  is the national debt balanced, wheres my tax cut,  what about that health care to take place on the first day, not to mention we have lost honor and whats the rest of the world think??  He certainly does stand for commitment ask his wives or the hush money women.  Well its ok because the truth is not the truth / ask him

  7. that interviewer is the biggest prat on tv.. they love the lies.

  8. Sorry Sean, Trump will not take the high road. He's gonna lambaste those dirty dems, either at the SOTUA or the next rally. And that's what we want him to do.

  9. Senator Lankford. Trump is guilty.  Trump and his defense team have admitted his guilt.  Most important of all, you know Trump is guilty.  It’s not too late to recover your dignity.  You can salvage your integrity.  There is still time to do the right thing for America.  On Wednesday Feb 5, vote guilty.

  10. I understand the politics of mr president

  11. Where's his wall paid for by mexico?

  12. Senator Hassan. Donald Trump has admitted his guilt.  Trump’s defense team have admitted his guilt.  Republican Senators have admitted his guilt.  On Wednesday Feb 5 your vote of guilty will go into the permanent record. Thank you for having the courage to do your job.

  13. Spicer I really appreciate you're being faithful and loyal to President Trump he has done a great deal of things for American I just wish that some other Republicans like Romney and the ones that don't want to believe it so thank you and God bless you

  14. To all you Trump supporters who believe in the Bible and call yourselves Christians, read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Galatians 5:19-23. Do you think supporting a man like Trump you will inherit the Kingdom of God?

  15. Spicer another Trump clown…

  16. This is why Sean Spicer isn't President…. and not even strong enough to be the press secretary. Yes, Trump must fight back hard and never let up, these vultures will never stop.

  17. It's MUCH easier for President Trump to rub these vial democrats noses in it than attack them directly. There's plenty time for that when the Senate steps up to do what they now should be doing. For Trump to focus on the POSITIVE rather than the NEGATIVE of the democrats, is showing Americans a great outlook for We The People, rather than the continual doom and gloom of the democrats.
    Once exonerating and acquitting the President, Republicans and the Law can now have their way into investigating the democrats and their cohorts.
    Ohh and the funny thing is, throughout this whole 'impeachment' farce, in reality, the democrats have shown their ease of breaking the Law, exposing major questions on Ukraine and many other dealings from the past that need to be focused on, trashing the constitution, neglecting and ignoring House rules and given tradition, and not caring one ounce for 'We The People'. They have hung themselves out to dry. It is just a matter of time now.

  18. This whole impeachment was basically the agreeing that they don’t like Donald Trump. Because President Trump stand up for American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Yes, President Trump he was right, he care for American & we can't accept what these dirty Democrats doing to President Trump & Democ🐀Rats ruins America!! President Trump is the one always straight he only for American & America first. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump he is Our voice & he is Our American Patriots. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸These criminal crimes corrupted traitors need to prosecute: Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer!! Democ🐀Rats, they break the law, they abuse the law needs Prosecute!!

  19. I so agree with Sean…. State of the Union should never waver from all the PLUSSES that were all as a result of the hard dedicated work and focus the president and the American people have created inspire of all the negative undermining trials the Dems have invested in…. Their "BAD" is theirs and they will be left with that on their faces and in their "wake".

  20. No! When you break the law, you have to be held accountable. The Dems are corrupt and EVERY law broken needs to be addressed!!

  21. I do believe that the Dems are not finished and will try io impeach again during the next 4 years.

  22. Vote out Democrats for getting nothing done, no immigration reform, no promises kept, not working with the rest of government, and not working to sign a peace deal with N. Korea. They have screwed everyone. IMO.

  23. Why would anyone believe a single word that comes out of this idiot trumptard's mouth? He proved he has no integrity and will tell whatever lie his master trump tells him to.

  24. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE RIGHTFUL MASTERS of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but TO OVERTHROW THE MEN WHO PERVERT THE CONSTITUTION. Abraham Lincoln.

  25. Can someone please explain the difference between Russian or
    Ukrainian interference in our elections and allowing illegal immigrant invaders to vote ?


  26. The Liberal Socialist Communist Democrat articles of impeach for President Donald J. Trump are as follows …

    1.) We didn't win in 2016

    2.) We can't win in 2020

    3.) Because I hate him , I hate him ,I hate him
    ( stomps foot in time with each " I hate him " )

  27. Only the guilty have anything to fear from the truth . So when all of this turns into yet another Democratic lie to frame President Trump , who pays for the cost of over a 3 year's worth of investigation ? I fully expect heads to roll for treason and will not stop until they do . They used our own tax dollars to spy on a man who not only works for free , but is doing an excellent job , while keeping his promises .IT'S TIME TO ABOLISH ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST COMMUNIST BY VOTING THEM OUT OF OFFICE IN 2020.

    Trump 2020 – It's no longer about right or left , it's about right and wrong .

  28. No Nancy , President Trump is not impeached for life or even at all …. But the fact that you failed to impeach him will be remembered forever .

  29. Love Spicer! He's a good man. He did an amazing job of keeping his focus during impossible opposition while he was the Press guy. Sarah was even better. I'm so glad President Trump ultimately took over and Mastered the Fake News press corps. He's the BOSS!

  30. Spicer is absolutely correct!

  31. Can we stop paying the people not working? Like the Democrats?

  32. Rip them to shreds in the state of the union!

  33. Hard to believe we have such stupid people in our country, republikkkans!

  34. Spicy‘s a good man. Zen and doesn’t hold grudges. He’s right in that it’s not worth getting emotional in business nor politics 🙂

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