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'Squid Game's' global popularity has real-life ripple effects

The South Korean dystopian thriller series has taken the world by storm, causing Vans shoes similar to the ones worn on the show to dramatically spike in sales and inspiring TikTok challenges.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. "You see, in their last moments people show you who they really are." ― The Joker Heath Ledger

  2. Well no shite! Squid Game is exactly how the US treated Black people on the cotton plantations. They all did all the work planting and gathering and suffered and usually they died in a few years after starting work, and the mansion owner got all the White privilege money.

  3. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t great. There’s certain aspects that kept me watching but the first episode and a half was %100 cringe.

  4. The marbles episode. That fucking marbles game! I’m going to be in therapy for the rest of my life because of that one

  5. In China they sold the organs of the Falun Gong.

  6. I'd like to imagine that part of the writers' hidden agenda is to inspire an uptick in the playing of traditional children's games so they can get less screen time.

  7. No one cares. Seriously. You are all going mental over a show that has been spoon fed to you using every technique from the Edvard Bernais playbook. Effing sheep. Wake up. I bet you all wear 2 masks too.

  8. The sad thing is that many prospects of the show are true in real life.

  9. I think it’s good bc it’s games you’d think you could win and survive the game as well. I loved that it wasn’t complicated game wise.

  10. i am traumatised seriously 😳

  11. A timely work of art that resonates with just about all of us this day in age. Money/no money, life/death, wealthy/poor, left/right, gaslight/cancel, addiction/mental health, etc.

  12. ali didn't have to participate in the game.
    he paid his wife six months' salary and was able to be happy in Pakistan with his wife and child.
    he participated in the game purely out of greed for money and eventually died of greed.
    sang woo was more desperate than Ali.

  13. This was one of the best Netflix shows for a while. Binged it all in one evening.

  14. Notice the mainstream media ignoring sponge Joe sniff pants destroying America? Let's go Brandon🇺🇸

  15. If we alow this show to be unscrupulous. When will it become a true game? They already put up a prop in China for this. How long before it's ok.

  16. This just another survival drama show with death incorporated into it, turned fad for all the dummies on twitter, instagram, and tik tok.

    I've seen anime Japanese TV shows that do this type of thing like 10+ years ago.
    It's nothing special.

  17. What do you think Jesus would think of This? Would he have watched this? NO

  18. Any television show is a distraction from reality

  19. Is Squid Game going to be the thing that finally pulls me onto Tik Tok? I do kinda want to play the games.

  20. As a Blackman I wanna tell all the fools who have no clue of all the things President Trump did for blacks because all the major so called “news outlets “ (MSNBC, ABC, NBC etc all deliberately Anc conveniently Failed to speak to truth regarding President Trumps generosity towards helping Blacks and ALL minorities! Thank You President Trump you got screwed by Propaganda when they failed to tell the whole facts about your deep concern for Blacks and minorities! Bless you And your family

  21. As a result of the aftermath of this drama show, China's real estate bubble burst, and it was rumored that Korea had a lot of debt, causing usd-krw to plummet. I'm Korean, but it's okay. Korea was originally a poor country, and I can endure it. Eat meat once a year. Usually, just pour water over rice and eat it with kimchi is enough.

  22. 제발 그만해 이러다가는 국뽕에 다~~~~죽어

  23. People are creative. I’m glad the world enjoys something as little as a tv show.

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