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St. Louis Blues surprise 11-year-old superfan with Stanley Cup ring

Laila Anderson has a rare, life-threatening immune disease and is a hardcore NHL fanatic when it comes to the Blues, who won their first Stanley Cup in June.


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  2. "Stay Classy, Blues….!"

  3. Don’t even watch pro hockey and this story and what this team did was just down right amazing reasons like this is why we truly love sports it could be life threatening or life changing moments what gets just about the whole world through another rough week another day is looking forward to the games and cheering them on and always believe even when everyone else don’t classy move by the blues she will always be a part of the first championship team in franchise history

  4. What a wonderful beautiful thing to do.

  5. ABC…stop making me cry so early in the morning.

  6. Her parents should be ashamed feeding her all that junk food, I know medical drugs can cause some weight gain, but not to this extent, this is pure child abuse.

  7. Dang it someone is cutting onions in my appartment again !!!! 😭😭😭😭

  8. NHL has the best quality men in sports. I am so proud to bleed blue.

  9. Happy tears running down my face.♥️🇮🇪

  10. Jesus Christ!!!
    Someone get these onions out of here!!!

  11. Nobody:
    ABC Anchor: Finally tonight, America strong

  12. I really need to stop cutting these onions. She is beautiful, so happy she’s doing better😘

  13. Don't get any better than that!

  14. YP from Barstool making a sneak appearance!

  15. How do people dislike this ?

  16. God Bless you, Laila 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. It be ashamed if he got robbed

  18. Damn. That was really cute wtf.

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