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St. Louis Fed president talks US economy, monetary policy

James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, speaks on “The US Economy and Monetary Policy” at a luncheon hosted by The National Economists Club.

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  1. Jesus they’ve got the fed and realtors in the same room. I thought the guy doing the intro should sprout horns and turn red!

  2. As hillary's losers screech "fake news" you notice its the ONLY msm channel you can get anything currently happening. By the way the whole FED system should be done away with and each of them hung or imprisoned like Ice Land did a decade ago.

  3. The Federal Reserve is not a part of the US government. These people do not share America's interests. I do not trust them.

  4. Why is St Louis full of rats?

  5. Even the US rich should count their money and realize it's not worth it! America has betrayed Europe, Canada etc its friends to make money with countries without values!

  6. Fox BUISNESS sounds like fake news…

  7. Commercials CLEAR, LOUD by the Post is been given WITH a dropper, little by little, SLOW, interrupt All THE TIME

  8. I so wish Ari Shaffir was there to just heckle this guy🤪

  9. the FED is a criminal Enterprise… Counterfeiting American currency… Lending it to government as an unnecessary debt on the people

  10. I want my savings to EARN Money, WHY the Banks use my $$$_, to lend at higher Fees
    WE the SAVERS are conscious PEOPLE who don't FEED CHINA

  11. Trump is as corrupt as humanly possible. Trump wants to set up sanctions to create a barrier that can only be breached by going directly through Trump. This way Trump will be able to set up at first a Bribe to allow the Chinese company to do business freely in the USA with an annual kick back that will avoid any possible detection. Trump is making the USA and eventually the global market entirely based on corruption, bribes and kickbacks.

    At this point it is a contest between Trump and his son in-law to see who can skim and steal the most money using their political position. I bet that there are hundreds and possibly thousands of fake business accounts and fake bank accounts being set up as I type to collect and conceal all the money.

  12. The FED should be disbanded and these banksters that are going to collapse the currency should be jailed.

  13. How do these traitors sleep at night?

  14. The federal reserve oversees the corporate plantation that now is the UNITED STATES (all capitalized on purpose) debt chattel. We are not their property and we the god given being are awakening

  15. He said the magic word "Diversity." That's all I needed to hear, bye.

  16. The Federal Reserve has done more damage to this country than any military.

  17. go to hell u jerk the fed is the problem

  18. I’m going to puke just looking at his face.

  19. My BullSh**! Meter pegged when this guy opened his mouth……..translation…..we are a group of foreign banks that have controled your country for over 100 years….DJT says NO!..ME2! MEGA! CAN the FED!…lol


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