Monday , January 25 2021
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Stacey Abrams Speaks After Georgia's Electors Cast Votes For Biden | NBC News NOW

Stacey Abrams spoke on the Georgia Senate floor after the state’s electors formally cast their votes for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, calling for “leaders who believe in us.”
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Stacey Abrams Speaks After Georgia’s Electors Cast Votes For Biden | NBC News NOW


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  1. And Joe Biden still isn't going to give her a position. Bye Felicia! Bye!

  2. 1:46 I can now be living a full life because of, f u n d a i l y p a y . c o m

  3. Almost as beautiful of a speech as the 1994 Joe Biden crime bill speech that was great, Joe Biden said you ain't black he's wonderful

  4. To All Georgian, please Vote for Two Democrat Senator on January 05,2021


  6. This is the real President of the US, a real leader, a worker, a thinner, a public Servant with skills and intelligence to lead a "Renewed America, true to its ideas. She represents the ONLY kind of future leader, who just might be able to Save America from itself" God bless Georgia, God bless Stacey Abrams and God bless the people of America who have the power to turn the US toward a true democracy, casting Racism to the dustbins of history.

  7. Joe will not be sworn in unless he agrees to confront this CCP attack on our country… IF he doesnt it pretty much narrows down our options bc it makes him & his Crime family complicit as an enemy. Enemies dont get sworn in as POTUS.

  8. The buffet line is now open.

  9. how can someone who is 100 pounds overweight, in a position to teach anyone anything? she could care less that she could die any day from heart disease, yet she esteems herslef as wise? how wise is it when she is gone from a heart attack? she better hurry and get in shape becasue covid hits people in her condition super hard

  10. Creepy Uncle Joe will NEVER be my president

  11. McConnell has been re-elected by the Kentucky voter. If you know anyone in Georgia and can help with getting the votes for Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock this is a the way to diminish the influence of Senator McConnell in the Senate! Pass the information out! Thanks! for anyone to peruse. +

  12. She needs to go find a new job and grapple somewhere..she has never hung on…she is not a Servant..lmao

  13. This being is pure evil.

  14. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the first woman future President of the United States.

  15. Biden is a criminal. CCP labels him as a "old friend".

  16. You talk like White….talk that talk as Black American Queen.

  17. I like her. First time I have heard her speak and I’m impressed.

  18. I wouldnt let this lady pray for my donkey.

  19. God bless and guide your heart always Stacey Abrams wonderful speach

  20. It's all over but the crying and whining, Loser Traitor tRUMP. What size orange jumpsuit do you wear?

  21. God bless you Stacey Abrams 💖

  22. thank you Ms. Abrams well said

  23. She is such a wonderful speaker

  24. I love you Stacey, you’re awesome.

  25. Well said! Are you married? All minorities need to come out and vote, do the right thing, for your country, you and family! Let's stop the Repugnitants gravy train, is our turn to work hard and earn a good paycheck!

  26. fat, black and racist is no way to go thru life Stacey !

  27. Four years and more ago Obama/Biden continued a campaign of hate. Do not ask us to forget that and welcome the clones of conspiracy into our lives. It makes me ill to hear you even ask at this point in time. Disgusting in our face mockery!

  28. Can I borrow a sock? So I can stuff it into her FAT yap! TY

  29. Congratulations Georgia! Do well on the Senate Runoffs. Please save America’s standing.

  30. The new Fraudulent, Corrupted and Senile President Elect of the United States.

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