Thursday , January 20 2022
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Staggering Number Of Fires Ravaging Amazon Rainforest | NBC Nightly News

Three weeks of raging fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are setting off alarm bells around the world, with so much smoke that it can be seen from space. Brazil’s space agency reports that there have been almost 73,000 fires throughout the country since January, an 83 percent increase over the last year.
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Staggering Number Of Fires Ravaging Amazon Rainforest | NBC Nightly News


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  1. That's not Amazon rainforest! That's what's left long before fires started

  2. Nature demands sacrifice, drop some liberals on wont put the fire out but it will be more peaceful.

  3. How long till the fake alien invasion?

  4. Fake news they are clearing the land for soybean's Order out of chaos lies to push the fake global warming

  5. We need to do something not just sitting down and watching lets make an action God give as a responsible, Eva and adan care the animals, plant, etc… then let's do the same thing that Eva and adan do if adan and eva make it possible then same at us , what will be happend in the future kung ngaun palang ganyan na , Hindi ung kung kailan huli na ang lahat don tau kikilos

  6. I agree something should be done. One problem…. It isn't our country.

  7. A Amazon tribe won a lawsuit against a big oil company to save millions of acres from being destroyed.. now this happens 😪

  8. I don’t understand it’s not just Brazil Colombia is to

  9. when purchasing food, check to see its from Brazil and dont purchase if it is.

    Hit these morons where it hurts them the most. Their pockets.

  10. This is not an accident. May be they want build new cities 😥😥😥😥😥 hope it won't be like that

  11. Foolish president…. save our mother Amazon forest

  12. Not truth. The government got nothing to do with it. Do your homework before blaming the president.

  13. Why are other countries not helping out and sending in Planes to put out fires or firemen whatever they have to do

  14. AHH ,somthin nice on the news for a change.

    Conditions apply. Charge's may vary.

  15. Fakenews against Brazil, Brazil protect Amazon forest for over 500 yeara. The are lying, specially because the biggest fire is in Bolivia and not in Brazil.

  16. At least you got your timber you mofos 🙂

    Sike 😎it’s called sarcasm 😒first expansion of the rain forest just for your businesses bs and i would go to brazil because I live for your environment wonders but if cutting down rain forests keep on happening I guess I’ll never get the chance 😞

  17. This is the beginning of the end. We humans are murdering the world.

  18. Wow, took news outlets this long to push this story out. Still not gonna be front page. I hate media

  19. Right wing extremist President Bolsonaro is on a mission to destroy the Amazon. The whole world will pay for his stupidity.

  20. Congratulations to the regular people who shared the news of the fire in Twitter and Facebook so main stream media could find out this was happening. Because we shared the news as soon as we heard it, 15 days later is because these people are now talking about it (17 days later). It is our voice that can make the difference.

    Just a reminder the fires in the Amazon are intentional. It's not a forest type of situation. It's an intentional setting ablaze of forest by the fascist Brazilian govt and agrobusiness and ranching oligarchs. Wording matters. Don't hide who is doing this and why.

    Time to change how we eat, don't consuming meat so ranchers stop gaining money from these lands. These lands that are being destroyed for soy, cattle mining.

    Millions of acres that are the home of plants (natural medicine), animals that are as already without fires close to extinction, and tribes that are still holding on to their cultural survival.

    These tribes had won a battle in the Brazilian court to save millions of acres only to have them on fire 2 weeks laters. Not a coincidence.

    The president, allegedly, sold 15 millions acres as soon as he went into office. Fired the dept that protects the Amazon. Did next to nothing to put out the fire. And has lessen the regulations for construction in the Amazon. Successfully silenced the media for 2 weeks.

    The Amazon is a vital part of the Planet's ecosystem. THE PLANET!!!

  21. Well, having AIR to breathe was nice while it lasted… Thanks Bolsonaro, you a$$hole.

  22. This is very important news, and most mainstream news media sources including NBC didn't report it for a while, which makes no sense! And to everyone, please consider at least trying veganism, recycling better, etc!


  24. Man if i can do anything just to stop that fire down, i would


  26. If it's not about trump they won't report on it till social media makes it such a thing where nbc cant ignore

  27. Its not like that. 50% of brazil is protected. The problem r the ilegals, probably a drug dealer was burning its trail. These borders are no go for a average brazilian, the cartels control everything.

  28. This is, for sure, a reason to believe in climate change, money talks, oxy walks.

  29. Greed will always be the cause of the end of man, i hope the brazilians wake up and take action

  30. I wish a meteor would just wipe out humanity so the earth can begin a new cycle.

  31. 3weeks ago and reporting it now, how ridiculous

  32. Why don’t we do something about it?

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