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Starliner forced to abort mission after flying into wrong orbit l ABC News

A Boeing spacecraft had to return back to Earth after going off course during an outer space mission. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2ZkJnnb

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  1. Boeing stick to Hollywood making top gun propaganda for more money

  2. Another fine, and possibly lethal product by Boeing.
    They all ready crashed 2 planes full of people. So they might as well take out Astronauts next!
    Great Job Boeing. LOL

  3. Team Space" HUM after 3 years of delays and overpriced overweight vacuum tube electronics capsule fails to accomplish the mission, we pay twice the price as space x who does accomplish the mission with reusable rockets, and we are supposed to play space team with this crap. It is this same bureaucracy Boeing /NASA crap that has lead to paying Russians to launch US astronaut to space. These clowns need to be exposed and place out front and centre for all to see. Glad to see Boeing CEO fired yesterday!~ not a coincidence in timing by the way.

  4. why not send it up on a falcon 9? Ego cant allow it ?

  5. I have seen the future. By 2034, Boeing will go bankrupt.

  6. Junk can fly, but still junks

    BOEING: Total opposite of last year.

  8. ..of course the Starliner cant find the ISS because the ISS is CGI and is not exist.. 🙂

  9. Breaking news Boeing blames and sues google maps for not having any space coverage…..
    Boeing : it just kept rerouting so we got lost

  10. It's what boing does best: used the old 737 aircraft, added a rocket motor and off they went….. renamed the spacecraft 737max8space

  11. Actually lands on earth with bags LOL as If we didn't do that 60 years ago while space x lands Itself on a floating square In the middle of the ocean

  12. Way to show bad reporting! Thanks!

  13. Another Boeing automated system that failed. Another article said that if astronauts had been aboard, the could have corrected the problem and overridden the automated system. We all know how well that went on the 737 Max. SpaceX pretty much has this nailed and they are much cheaper.

  14. Dumbasses, spending money on dumb shit. Rather than helping the poor

  15. Boeing Wake Up and Get It Together !!!

  16. Is this the same Boeing w/ its 767 Max that killed hundreds of people? How can any astronaut feel safe riding on anything they built?

  17. If the centaur hadn't fired Starliner would have never made it to orbit. The capsule had the fault not Centaur.

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