Sunday , November 29 2020
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State Department issues subpoena to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Lawmakers want documents related to Ukraine, including communication involving the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.



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  1. CLICK BAIT!!! BS VIDEO!!! STATE DEPARTMENT CANT subpoena the head of the department you morons!!! Dont quit your day job!!! #TRUMP2020

  2. Pompeo was most likely the one that ordered the misclassification of the phone call to hide evidence of extortion. Trump is the kind of old man that while drowning in the pool will flail helplessly and pull down everyone trying to save him. And once the bodies of the attempted heros are enough deep in the pool he will crawl out of the pool on their lifeless bodies and walk away. You've been informed now

  3. Won't we all be surprised if Pompeo is the 'Whistleblower? Lol

  4. They should vote privately right now

  5. Pompeo’s dry cleaner is going to be rich on the count of all the piss and doodie stained underwear the Sec. of State will be bringing to their shop to be cleaned.

  6. Incorrect:  House Intelligence Committee issued the subpoena  LOL's don't want to be in the shoes of all these Swamp Creatures.  Slamming cell doors pealing in the distance

  7. pomppy will be a great witness if hes not to busy with the big hilly investigation he has going

  8. The request for document without a vote for impeachment is unlawful.

  9. Shame on you all. We all read what was said. Now you are all freely hallucinating to meet your own narrative.

  10. Pompeo is a war monger, he needs to bounce don't trust that guy at all

  11. T R U M P – 2 0 2 0 – L A N D S L I D E


  12. We cheat, we lie and we steal

  13. Barr knows everything as does the rest …giuliani just is a smart mouth old man who wants to fit in ….he just needs to shut up……..pompom he just lies ……… of no honor …no morals……

  14. Obama set a poison pill in motion in 2012 when he had Andrew Bakaj installed in the CIA to write the Whistleblower rules for the Intel groups…started as an intern for chuckie and hillary..fraud investigator in Ukraine…a dem operative…but so what…destroy this evil Nero Pennywise clown who pretends to be the Potus!..pompeo🐷

  15. Dems better overthrow this Nero…think he is capable of some dire deeds if this coup fails!

  16. So what are democrats afraid of? Biden's illegal extortion or the China connection

  17. Pompom with his "little boy's" haircut is such a fucking liar.

  18. DRAIN THE SWAMP of those FAT fucktard OLD WHITE blubber movers. FAT neck WAR CRIMINAL!! Rudy too.

  19. LAWMAKERs 😂🤣😂🤣 Now that shits funny….

  20. The State Department issued a subpoena's to itself?

  21. The headlne writer doesn't know what's going on.

  22. It's s farce. They are puppets following a script. The newsmedia has always been See Eye A propaganda. Oh I hate Trump, Oh I hate Pelosi, Two sides, Same coin. People are really dumb.

  23. Living people do not talk to Americans at any level of United States of America 🇺🇸. Living people do not eat with Americans. Living people avoid America.

    I am a pretty happy person at 66 years old. What did I lose in Life or the United States of America since 1776 and today is September 28, 2019 3:00 PM Pacific San Diego Time.

  24. A future president should contact with CHINA to investigate the TRUMP families businesses in China.

  25. Dems & DNC donor media are vindictive & vicious. Dems in office are not doing any legislation to fix anything.
    false. Faux impeachment. Dems changed House Rules 2 weeks ago, which is not proper. Also, the entjre Senate & Congress must take a Vote on House Floor. Stop lying.
    Why Don't you read Trump & his Admin extremely long lists of results by texting TRUMP to 800-655-6453. Enlighten yourself. Then turn off the 93% DNC/HRC donor Media. The sore loser Never Trump hacks.

  26. More fake news ,, good luck with that 👍 watch .

  27. Greedy crooked traitors are doomed. The party is over.

  28. Oh just fuck off about this shit!

    And fuck you too Nancy Pelosi!

  29. Every payment & expense report must be given to Schiff. Who paid Rudy??

  30. I wonder if I can get a $50,000 a month job in the Ukraine just like the crackhead Biden did while his father was VP?

  31. All Pompeo has to do is destroy all his subpoenaed communications just like Hillary destroyed 33,000 pieces of subpoenaed incriminating evidence!

  32. Fake news, what about Biden’s actions. No one is covering that!

  33. Obama KNEW that Biden was extorting money from Ukraine and Ch8na.

  34. Everyone donate 5 bucks to Trump campain

  35. I hate name calling demacrats.

  36. They all should be impeached/fired and then indicted!!!!

  37. I think title should read "US House of Rep / Congress / House Committee issues subpoena to Sec. of State"… State department cant subpoena itself…. but again we live in interesting times— anything goes

  38. Putin's party is imploding. Bus loads of corrupt treasonous transnational money laundering republican liars will be indicted before this is over.

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