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State of emergency declared in 4 states as gas pumps run dry after cyberattack l GMA

Florida, Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina have declared states of emergency over fuel shortages along the East Coast, as the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline enters its sixth day.
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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Another fake crisis. So happy I could 💩

  2. abc is even to lazy to post a picture of a current gas company

  3. And Joe Biden with a sweep of a pen kills 11,000 jobs with the first shutdown of a pipeline what's next the one in Michigan. You f**** liberals are f**** dummies f**** ignorant dummies.. this country is going to s*** real fast. Something like this happens in the whole country goes as s***. At least Trump had a plan fuckoes!!!

  4. Oh no government addit again time to fill their pockets

  5. You dont even need to attack america up front. Just cyber attack us to point we go crazy and endup attacking ourselves. That's nuts. We arent built for cyber war.

  6. Glad I drive a Tesla 😂😂

  7. Maybe more people wouldn't panic if the media wasn't so busy sounding the alarm all the time.

  8. How did this happen! I can't believe it. Corrupt, incompetent, duplicitous DemonRats in power. (LMAO) I'm a aghast with disbelief.

  9. Climate change Nazis to blame. They've spent decades shutting down drilling sites and refineries so now America no longer has the infrastructure & logistics needed to supply the country with fuel if just a single pipeline goes down. Very pathetic…and in events like this it shows what an actual threat to our National Security these kooks really are.

  10. Tennessee here outta gas. Thx biden.

  11. Liberals: this is still better than 'Orange man bad' and his mean tweets.

  12. This what happens when Democrats take control

  13. All democrat presidents bring a recession but Biden takes the cake.

  14. 😂 welcome to California prices. I would happily pay 4$ a gallon
    Be happy at least u have rain!!

  15. Tesla cars: I don't have such weakness.

  16. The pumps didn’t dry up cuz of the cyber attack… it was the msm creating a panic buying situation foh

  17. Where's our president on this???? Wake up Joe.

  18. Everyone should head to the gas stations, asap! Fill up your gas tanks.

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