Tuesday , October 20 2020
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State Of The Union will cause Americans to rally around nation: James

The Heritage Foundation’s president, Kay C. James, says President Trump’s State of the Union address will be a good opportunity to focus on the country instead of the Democratic Party.

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  1. Great speech Mr. President. God is blessing America one more time.

  2. Kay you and the show host are a real breath of fresh air that viewers enjoy, keep up the integrity and positivity.

  3. اقای پرزیدنت ترامپبادرودبهشما سوال از شماداشتمچراوریس جمهورهاینده نزوئلا را دعوت کرده بودید به کنگره همه مه موافقت خودشان را برایشان با دست زدنهای ممتد اعلان کردند ولی از شاهزاده رضا پهلوی که مورد علاقهایرانیان است دعوت نکردید که به ایشان مشروعیت بدهید

  4. The disconnect is… corruption!


  6. Nancy Pelosi was asked why she tore the speech up and did you hear her say well it was the nice thing to do considering… the alternative… so she was met with more than one choice of what to do sitting there behind him tonguing her dentures… alternatives that were not so nice she said considering the ALTERNATIVE that is the key word.. That alternativee was not nice and I want her arrested she said with her own mouth that she was thinking and considering what to do between ripping up the papers with the speech typed printed and handed to her or doing another 1of I dont know how many choices she had but as she said the choices were not so nice…. THAT MEANS SHE WAS THREATENING THE PRESIDENTS SAFETY ARREST THE WITCH THAT WAS A VERBAL THREAT OF President Donald J. Trump: Great American Update

  7. Yeah, she looked a little unsettled How did she set through that who knows? Lol

  8. STOP! They dig at POTUS 365 and you talk about him? STOP NOW! Don't talk about him! The lousy left hates him because he is rebuilding what they destroyed. They want Communism world-wide and he is getting in their way. They are crazed and demonic! Ideas? NO. They want Communism and a NWO one world government…..nothing else!

  9. Pelosi has contracted Trump Derangement Syndrome & it’s apparently driven her insane! 🥴😳😱🥵😫🤪🤐🤑🥱🤬😬🤯🤭🤥🥺😵😪😟😩😤☹️😰

  10. Thank You Mr. President… Great speech and very good points. You did a great job despite our political terrorism.
    Sad the bullies threw a fit and didn't support the American people for the beginning of the fourth year.
    Please do what you need to do to find out the truth about these criminals and do what the law prescribes
    Thank you Sir.

  11. Leave the theater, people! Politics is theater to deceive, divide, distract and ultimately control. Falsely dichotomous actors for one profoundly evil Empire. Wake the eff up! Trump was educated by JESUITS (who are they? Do your homework) is a FREEMASON & comes from the same psycho bloodline as his predecessors. They're all blood related. WTF does that tell you? "Elections" are BS. He was chosen and groomed for puppet POTUS role way back, same as all US presidents and most world leaders. Puppets change, Worldwide agendas against humanity and nature don't. Stop being so effing gullible and ignorant. Turn off your TV, be responsble and do your research. Only a fool would blindly trust any establishment in power.

  12. How do democrats keep going to save us from curtain distruction if there not calling all the shots when facts show they are the cause of all the conflicks that we have been in all around the world nd where has that got us it has got us to the point. They have tried to gane enough power to take over wash DC and give the world all our assets and rob us us of all are taxes that they have put appon all of us leagal. Americans that pay taxes to pay them to keep bringing america to the edge so they can save us and they are saving us there pissing of the rest of world those they ear not pissing off are gettting what they want for allmost nothing all the while shaking down hwo ever they can to get what they want so now we got a honest president that works for free and has us in in our own best interast they dont like it to the point they would saccifise everything to put all that money that is being put back into america back in there pockets some of them have even left body counts a lot of people have died or destroyed three years and they cant even get rid of someone that is not even a pollition down do u really want people that ncompatent running the country and dealling with world powers not medont vote for any democrats there all the same and alwYs will be trump 2020

  13. A LOT of gullible snowflakes low IQ people out there that have been brainwashed and programmed by the MSM and the promise of free stuff.

  14. trump dereangement syndrome? really? he becomes president, everything improves. yeah people are so deranged to want things to keep getting better

  15. Some people are very deluded if they are still Democrat.

  16. Little boy trump is so butthurt that Democrats charged with the crimes he committed. Conservatives root for criminals and cheats, it's who you are. You can't win a normal argument so you cheat. Sad.

  17. Trump 2020😎🇺🇸😎

  18. TRUMP/ PENCE 2020

  19. DEMORATS can't win the
    Right way, so what do
    CHEAT, SEND I believe??
    Sent it in a letter , A BUNCH
    ON IT..

  20. a bunch of republican clowns

  21. Democrats hate the President and also the country of AMERICA ….. you just had to watch them and their sour faces and lack of respect for tributes to Military .

  22. Keep in mind, EVERY sitting President sees a 3-4% "bump" after the State of the Union address, which will land President Trump at about 52% by the time the Senate votes to acquit him. Pelosi tore up the speech because she knew – full well – that it is OVER for her and the Democrat majority! OVER! Done! Finished!

  23. Everyone has a right to their own opinions but Nancy Pelosi really showed her hatred and her wagon on minions for the President. I served in the Army if I had not saluted the President I was under I could have gotten an Article 15 or even more. Such disrespect she was. She couldn't stand for a 2 year old girl, or even the soldier that got to come home. And the end when she tore up our Commander in Chief and President's speech. We are supposed to be teaching our children tolerance. Where was hers? And she is 3rd in Command. Seriously appalling!

  24. She is a wonderful person, so optimistic and upbeat..She should be on every channel… She made my entire mood change for the better…

  25. Trump forever a best President I ever had. 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 President Trump 2020 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 Shamed on scumbag Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump speech shows she is an illiterate woman, the most childish acting, so disgraceful!! Is that House Speaker?? Oh man, unbelievable Democ🐀Rats House speaker lowlife scumbag must vote that corrupted old woman Nancy Pelosi out of Gov!! She is sicks!!

  26. persadant trump he did good gob he tall the truths he is axleat lader God protaket hem l pray for hem l give hem ( A+ tankyou

  27. Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and the whole band of Barry-men traitors, all benefit for Trump PERSONALLY, just by being American citizens… kind of makes me sick.

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