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Israel resumed attacks on Gaza as the cease-fire has ended, Rep. George Santos was expelled from Congress and Sandra Day O’Conner has died at 93.

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  1. Concerning the three Palestinian students… thinking all of "them" are alike is like thinking all Americans are fat dumb consumers that dont care about their governments atrocious foreign policies… cause they dont read and are clueless christian fanatics that never look in the mirror…

  2. I noticed a lot of Westerners are using the euphemism, "displacement" instead of "ethnic cleansing." If the intent is forced movement of an entire ethnic or nationality out of a particular territory for purpose of ethnic population control under the guise of security Buffer Zones or seizure of another's territory for ethnic group expansion, it's not displacement, "it's ethnic cleansing." I have yet to hear any believable contradiction that this is this Israeli government's policy.

  3. A lot of people who have jackets like that are giving them to good will after this!

  4. So… Can anyone say thus is the moment…
    Can anyone say…
    The Final Solution…
    They steer😂 the ship… And are absolute liars… And they want blood.
    Lot's and lot's and they are criminals of defiance and Agenda of "What ifs"and weaponized the Future with fortune teller science and censorship… And experts of establishment fabrication and intellectual circular reasoning, that is always projecting and falsely prediction, and arguing with altered and biased, well spoken authoritative meandering phrasing, that makes their absurdity seem inevitable, but isn't.
    Because its a doomsday cult…
    Simple as that.

    Get out of the cult.
    Its the dark side.
    Its a well researched, you paid for developed, psychological conscript. It's a insidious guilt trip and a finger pointing blaming you, but never themselves.
    How hard is it to see the intent is to exploit you…
    At all costs…
    And the kids swimming to school 80 years from now.
    Are you kidding me?
    Saved from the air we breath.
    Plants breath… And, a water planet Will never, not have storms, floods, coastal erosion, or become a dessert.
    And change can happen faster than your trained to think, and why stop and wonder, or apply some commonsence.
    Omg, strep throat.
    Are, you sure you wanna fear everything, and follow a better Life through needles….

    The exploitation is insidious… It's normal. Every year.
    10,000 adults aged 78+ …And of course sell the vaccine and the fear…

    About every six year's your gonna get really sick. It's not fun… But its never changed, despite all their intervention, no one has ever not been sick. You've suffered a hefty hangover, a bad flu is a three day hangover, and you might need help, but every year there are multiple symptomatic infectious disease, that is treatable, and the super bugs, are made by resistant strains, created by overuse, and bad practice.
    Establishment science.

  5. why dont jews try to blend in more?

  6. We need competent and complete food protection in this country…. people always believed our food was safe…. they were wrong🙄🙏💔

  7. The earth is the Lord's, we were placed here for a purpose, not to fight for land and behave greedy, its profitest nothing. Learn to co-exist and prosper, not to behave greedy as though you own something, we come into the world with nothing and we leave with nothing.

  8. Idf zionis 🐕 GENOSIDA AS AND NATO…..

  9. Couldn't reporters tell who launched missiles first?

  10. Stay Tuned NOW with Gadi Schwartz – December 1

  11. The poor Pali snowflake 🙄