Stephen Miller: Send illegal aliens to the richest Democrat neighborhoods in the country

Former Trump White House senior policy adviser responds to Democrats’ outrage over sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. Agree with him what’s he’s say!,, great job

  2. ‘Not in Democrat Neighborhoods’
    They’re double standard NIMBYs.

  3. Well said transport the immigrants to richest town of cities in America.

  4. Absolutely! Give them a taste of their own medicine…..

  5. Stephen Miller and Howard Johnson are right!

  6. Great idea. Send a the illegals to liberals.

  7. They need to send fentanyl to the sanctuary cities to

  8. send thousands to the most woke political states so they can take care of the situation.

  9. The lefties are all sitting at home going : F***! This is not what we expected would happen!!! F****! They REFUSE to acknowledge that trump had all but sealed off the borders, and Joe just stuck a pin in the water balloon and let them all flow in!!!

  10. Since the pandemic America has been treading water…now biden ties the immigration anchor to our legs. We need to be freed of this anchor at least until our economy improves significantly (demand removed from office).

  11. More buses till dems learn

  12. Yes! Rich liberals only love themselves and money. They don't care about immigrants except as cheap labor. Martha's Vineyard residents proved that…oh wait!!!!! Obama and Michelle didn't try to help the poor immigrants, did they?! Hypocrits…al ways have been and always will be. The 50 immigrants that they kicked out should be raising hell about being thrown off the island.

  13. Stephen Miller is the most brilliant and clear-spoken member of the Trump administration. What an asset he is. And I also agree with Mr. Kudlow's closing remark that these are not "liberals' in all these blue cities and in the Democrat party. They are leftists. They are Marxists. They Maoists. They have no regard whatsoever for individual human rights. They stand with the Bigs. The liberals I grew up with stood for the Littles who have always been abused by Big Government; Big Business; and now more than ever Big (False) Churches who have sold out.

  14. Martha’s Vineyard’s Democrat elites turn their back on illegal immigrants who came all 50 people! They couldn’t handle it! Democrats don’t want illegals in their states, they don’t want to stop school mass shootings! We don’t feel sorry for those who now are bothered by those migrants coming to where they should be!

  15. CNN ABC CBS MSNBC ever 1/2 of FOX lie lie lie lie lie to the people of the USA and hide criminals because they are Democrats and indict innocent Republicans because they are innocent🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Send them back to Mexico not deeper into the USA! You stupid?

  17. Democrats fly over our states🇺🇸🇺🇸They say we smell🇺🇸We fight the wars they start so they can live their stupid irrational lives in comfort🇺🇸Let us put back the wall you tore down on Jan 20 2021🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  18. YES! YES! Keep on sending them in masses!

  19. Border states need to send ALL illegal aliens to states that voted for open border green new deal 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. All illegals should go to Democrat statesOur border czar Harris has never even been to the border👍🏻🇺🇸Obama is the reason for our problem in the USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸Close the border or take them all🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Having these governors send illegals to democrat states has exposed the liberal's hypocrisy. They have this attitude; we are all for illegals as long as they don't come to our town. I live in a border state and my property taxes keep going up to cover the illegal immigrants schooling their children and covering their unpaid hospital bills and I'm tired of it!

  22. FEMA trailers should be set up on government property closed bases, etc.

  23. Oh so they look at the illegal immigrants as dirt that needs removed! Pay attention illegals they brought you here to vote for them but that's all your good for. Otherwise your dirt!

  24. i just dont get, how American people can ignore what is happening right in front of their eyes. Democratic idiots are blind.. deaf and dumb.

  25. You tell it like it is!! SEND THEM!!!!!!!


    Remove the Marxist Regime calling themselves democrats!!!!!!!!

  26. Drop a few hundred migrants on Bidens lawn in Delaware. Maybe then tho I doubt it he will acknowledge there's a problem

  27. How bout sending them back to where they came from?

  28. Why isn't Fox News talking about Durham 5 New reports about FBI framing Trump fake scandals.

  29. It would be interesting to note how many hours… from the time of drop off… until the street sweeper picks up the ‘brown people’ (as the democrats refer to them) … and they are gone. Martha’s Vineyard, with the Obama’s and Oprah (who are victims of oppression)…. seem to have cleaned their streets within 3 days. Let’s keep track… watch those busses start getting intercepted before they arrive at their next destination. Maybe have that Fox night thermal drone follow those buses.. and see who attempts to intercept them!! The invisible magic wand🪄🪄.

  30. Hell yeah… Keep those busses rolling… Do not stop brining them in with plenty of illegal immigrants to the richest sanctuary cities in our country ..

  31. No one wants to live under Liberalism/Communism …..including Liberals!
    JOHN 8:32

  32. Send more immigrants to the rich and wealthy neighborhoods so we can see the hypocrisy how they are destroying America.

  33. The leftist hypocrites want open borders until it comes to their neighborhood liars nothing more !!!

  34. Gov. DeSantis and Abbott,
    Assemble a 60 bus convoy (approx. 3000) illegal migrants to represent one days crossings at Eagle Pass, TX. Then send them to each of the Blue cities and states.
    A Texan with lower taxes, better schools and more freedom than in Blue States.

  35. JOE !! Heard anything 'new' regarding your border policy ???????????????????


  37. Send them to sanctuary cities,live next to the millionaires Hollywood movie stars Beverly Hills and ball players,they have jobs waiting such as gardeners,house maids,cooks,nanny.

  38. NO, Send them back to THEIR homes!! Homeland. Steve Miller!

  39. That's just what they want; and what they need to do, is send all back, they have entered here illegally…The taxpayers are paying for all these ppl!!!
    They want to put them in your house!

  40. The title is a little way too much

  41. Send them 50 every day 😊

  42. notice……they. bitched…..until they fouñd out they could make money
    off. these. illegal alliens….get federal money…….bet. none. malkes it to the alliens