Stephen Miller: This is going to backfire

Former White House adviser provides insight on Biden’s policies on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Whichever Republican ends up winning in 2024, I hope Stephen is in the White House, giving advice and helping lay plans. Smart guy.

  2. Joe Bidet got something right! Extreme, yep we are extremely pissed that he is destroying our country! Go MAGA! FJB!

  3. You the main cost of Biden’s ultra MAGA thing is that we all need new hats and t-shirts. 😐



  6. Ultra Socialist,,,,,,,, Ultra Bidenist,,,,, Ultra woke ,,,,,,. Ultra Defund ,,,,,,,Ultra illegals ………. what they say ,,,, is what they are…….

  7. means they don't put with dems bull

  8. And biden is the most senile President.

  9. The Ultra Maga Members are the Old Democrats that the Current Democrats still think they represent. You are Awakened Old Gaurd.

  10. When elections can be rigged, that is all that matters.

  11. Miller could use a shrink. Trump was a psychotic pathological liar who lies with literally every breath he takes. That's why his fat @$$ lost in 2020.All these claims of disaster is bull$hit and Ludlow admits, and I quote…"I've been trying to sell this" (bs he and Fascist are asserting) the same way the did in 2020 and got the $hit kicked out of them. That's why they are back on FUx News propaganda and conspiracy theory cable TV where they still don't belong.

  12. I'm an Ultra MAGA man with a MEGA pint in my hand. Let's go Brandon!

  13. I can’t stand listening to this sell out B____!

  14. Proud "Ultra" MAGA member

  15. that guy really isn't the president of the United States. is he?


  17. which organization does b gates senior belong to..? what are flagellates doing?

  18. That's how I feel about the ultra communist left wing of the Democratic party.

  19. Biden you said you were going to unite, so you lied, stop talking bad about your own people.

  20. I don,t like Joe Biden

  21. This IS the United States of MAGA….. Always &FOREVER!!!!!!!

  22. Hypocrite, fraudster, loon.
    Democratic projectile vomit in action. Nuff sed.

  23. MAGA is the most extreme political
    party?YUP an Jolie’s making sure of it.

  24. Ultra Make America Great Again

  25. I guess Biden thinks that putting America first and stuff like free speech & religious practice, strong families, respect for life, a roaring economy, upward mobility, re-shoring manufacturing, & world class public schools are radical and extreme. Maybe they are to Democrats.

  26. Not particularly an extremist, I am however extremely invested in maintaining the traditional values of the unusually brave, heroic & determined warriors to try to make a country of honesty, morality & lawful nation “ under God’s laws” too. A Republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT. An abundance of immorality & only God’s continued mercies CAN keep it now. Satan is the father of lies. Open our eyes, Lord. We want to see Jesus.

  27. When do we establish a DRAFT for Illegal Immigrants who are of military age and are Men? When do we expect them to defend the Dream they profess to want?

  28. Nobody is better at arming our Enemies and stabbing our Allies in the back than Quid Pro Quo Joe Brandon!

  29. Hey it's better being called a RACIST. Hell I'll take ULTRA MAGA. Biden is weird & talk about desperate getting liberals approval

  30. All they do is flip what They are doing and Blame the other party. PAYBACKS are COMING!

  31. The problem with Jotato is, he thinks this is the 70 and 80s where he got away with his crap by the American people. This time around not so much.

  32. One thing we must not do is allow dementia to be used as an excuse for this guys attack against the American people. It is orchestrated by him and he must be impeached for treason.

  33. How many police stations and police officers has the Ultra MAGA burned down and attacked, Resident Jotato?.