Sunday , October 24 2021
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Stephen Moore makes the case for another Fed rate cut

Heritage Foundation Economist Stephen Moore on the budget deal, calls to rein in government spending and the Federal Reserve interest rate cut.

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  1. These guys are ridiculous. No reason to cut rates. Let the market determine rates instead of the talking heads. Who cares if other economies like negative interest rates. We should keep rates aimed towards normalizing like Robert shiller and Jim grant say.
    We should continue what we’re good at….Let’s just encourage congress to spend billions more and drive the country deeper into the abyss.

  2. Don't listen to this trumpist not case

  3. TIRED OF FAKE NEWS .. Best Potus in 200years..

  4. This moron wants you to believe that a "winning economy" can't hack a 2.25% interest rate?
    @4:08 when asked "why do they have to cut again?" his answer "…uuhh..because their is not enough liquidity in the economy" Wait…WHAT? Where is all this money from the tax cuts going to? Stock buy-backs? Surely not!

  5. How much does it impact in increase of negative?
    How much does it impact in increase of posotive?

  6. The Republicans are about to bankrupt the country! You people are liars .

  7. the swamp creatures are back

  8. Cavuto is a disappointment. not so smart.


  10. We need to have a spending budget or we are against ourselves making money. And our federal government versus different Countries. Our economy with differences of foreign economies.

  11. Soon it will be the United states of Greece.

  12. When was the last time this guy was right about anything?

  13. Corruption — spending on migrants illegals –social welfare programs overlap and abuse — bacon —— we can cut spending. But!!!!!

  14. How long and how much does it take to stop and turn around the politics and economy of a Country that has been ran off the rails for 8yrs prior to this Administration??? It ain't cheap folks!!!
    Remember… The US Economy does not have to adjust to a Global Economy… Instead, The Global Economy must adjust to the US!!!

  15. Corruptions,unnecessary spending,use it or lose it,instead of putting it to saving what is not spend politicians will find ways to waste that money,we have to many politicians and a lot of them are corrupt if not all of them.DOJ need to create a division just to investigate corruptions.

  16. We are sinking!!!!!!!
    Vote these corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans out of office.
    Bernie Sanders 2020

  17. CaPuto…why have a guest in your show and would not let then speak…yeah we know why….

  18. Is the federal reserve even relevant at this point in time ?????
    And yes I read the federal reserve act

  19. …………..neil cavuto is a part of the democratic freak conga line we saw last nite at the "debate"…………………

  20. they are destroying the monetary system, all in the name of getting reelected.
    hasn't been a decent president since the last one you guys shot

  21. I am one of the Trump supports that are very not happy about the spending but I have no desired to vote for the Dems. I just hope that President Trump will work on the spending after the election

  22. Uhoh… save Trump. His economic BS is about to tank.

  23. Get a grip mr. Moore. What an idiot. Powell is trying very hard to make TRUMP administration look STUPID. Give up. TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  24. Spare me this BS. There are massive buybacks going on right now and shares are getting reduced. The Fed is trying to ruin the currency to make the US into the third world.

  25. Trump chose the timid Powell, should have kept Yellen ? Trump can fire him later

  26. Hey Xi…It's Christmas in 5 months…actually 4 goods out at Thanksgiving…Trump has China in a headlock…😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😃😁😎🇺🇸💪💪💪💪

  27. The currency war continues.

  28. Trump doesnt care about debt of deficit he didn't say anything about it in the campaign so why we care i care about it but the gop will not stop spending money trump is blame for this

  29. President Trump has China in a headlock 🇺🇸💪👊😁😁😁😎😂

  30. How about abolish the fed and print our own money without paying interest and borrowing money we can print ourselves for free! Like we used to BEFORE there was a FED! Fed is pure banker usury SCAM!

  31. I thought this was the greatest economy ever why is trump wants lower rates for we tried that with bush and obama only creates bubbles

  32. I remember this guy and all his parties senators crying nonstop about deficit as Obama lowered it over his two terms from $1.41 billion his first year to the last year $438 million he turned over to Trump. Now that trump is gonna have that figure more than double again already, none of them care about the deficit anymore. Why would anyone listen to this guy or republicans, Obama had 2.9% gdp in 2015 while cutting deficit, Trump barely matched that after doubling deficit and additional trillions in debt

  33. bro. get ur own finance in order pay the IRS back before u get on air again fool.

  34. Crash that dollar baby!! Bring the American Empire down!!!! Inflate! Inflate! Inflate!

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