Monday , January 18 2021
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Stephen Moore tells Trump: ‘Just do it’ and suspend payroll tax

FreedomWorks economist Stephen Moore argues President Trump has the authority to suspend the payroll tax even without the support of House Democrats.

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  1. Old Nancy I have a message from republican states for you! We spend our money wisely we are not interested in helping your friends in democratic states that have contributed to a bunch of leftist policies like making paper straws while your streets are full of drug addled morons that won’t work and use your streets as their personal toilets no thank you! You have spent enough of our money on your moronic agendas! Another thing I think people who are able should have to work to receive food stamps I’m sick of paying for the bums to lay on their butts and smoke weed and buy candy with food stamps get a job!

  2. Ok but what happens at the end of the year?

  3. Your doing what no other president has done Rupublicans need this win more than any other, as Trump it setting example after example and it must be completed +- the best he can do. Or there's Pete and repet that will set aide up for a % and return after the 4+- yrs and grab the cash and think about the other shady possibilities.

  4. Isn't there anything president do if they keep saying no Nancy Pelosi, and McConnell??

  5. People going love that pay roll tax.

  6. Do you people realize they are trying to get rid of Social Security and Medicare? Are these folks going to help you in retirement? Be careful what you wish for……. Where is your retirement coming from? Pension, 401k, IRA, Social Security? Do you have one of these or two or just one?

  7. If trump dont pay for his taxes it could land him in jail

  8. Don't give money to states!!! They still it,.pad paychecks, pocket!!!

  9. Suspend all tax. I just got sent to collections for county tax for building new fire station. For 911 calls. On a cell phone.
    He needs to stop late fees on power, phone, etc.
    I thought they got funding for police first responders( fire stations), schools,.etc.

  10. Please!! Pres. Trump!! Listen!! It's legal for you to immediately stop the deductions for the remainder of the year!! Payroll tax!! A good stimulus without any need to cave to Nancy in any way!! Let them whine when you stop talking to the obdurate pieces of marble!! This is a good stop-gap measure and you can just hold firm on your $1Trillion Republican stimulus package until they come to you!!!

  11. Trump signed an Executive order! The democrats got their butts handed to them.. Hahaha


  13. If Trump is smart he will just suspend the Payroll tax and put the democrats into a really hard spot. It will bypass the fake media that will not be able to save the democrats.

  14. Put Pelosi in Jail thats good for the economy. Mr. President just like what they say just do it. trump 2020

  15. What a great idea. Thank you Mr. President.

  16. Get rid of kiudlow and hire Forbes.he has the best idea.

  17. Trump/Pence 2020 Drain the Swamp.

  18. Trump Virus 2020_Misuse Abuse Government Agencies!
    VOTE and end the madness!

  19. Lol there goes welfare next year.

  20. I agree completely and absolutely. Screw that rotten decayed hag Pelosi, use executive orders, and let the Democrats pound sand.

  21. Who wants to live in a world with a muzzle on and no future because all the businesses have been destroyed?


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