Steve Bannon subpoenaed in Jan. 6 grand jury probe

Long time ally and former Trump White House official, Steve Bannon, has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury in connection with the special counsel’s investigation into Trump’s connection to the Jan. 6 riot.

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  1. Lock him up! Bannon is an enemy of the USA.

  2. Why isn't Bannon in prison yet?

  3. Steve Bannon’s syphilis looks like its trying to escape his body through his face.

  4. why is this trumpist not in jail? such corruption

  5. Bannon a wannabe hitler

  6. Can't wait till that dirty rat is behind bars

  7. I can't even believe this scruffy, nasty fascist clown is still walking around free. If anyone else committed a small fraction of Bannon's crimes they'd surely be locked up for a hundred years! Anyone reading this can be arrested for ignoring a moving violation traffic stop ticket or jury summons.

    I thought acts of treason, sedition, and fomenting a deadly insurrection was kinda illegal, and was at least maybe a misdemeanor lol.

    But seriously, I guess it's no big deal for Bannon's extremist cult. Anything goes from defying subpoenas to stealing classified documents.

    Trump thought he was above the law, and his cult goons believed they were entitled to break any laws that stood in the way of their extreme agenda. So does making America great include being able to break laws and ignore parts of The Constitutional they disagree with? Seems so!

  8. does she have ms or something?? why are her arms flailing all the time??

  9. Maybe the end of this bannonitis.

  10. BANNON declared WAR. He needs to be indicted… along with the Mercers who bought and paid for the trump!

  11. Bannon looks like a Genital wart.

  12. Trump goes on trial in New York for falsifying business records related to hush money payments to Stormy Daniels begins in March of next year and Bannon goes on trial in New York for money laundering, scheme to defraud, and conspiracy related to his We Build the Wall scam 2 months later in May of next year. Maybe Bannon and Trump can share a cell at Riker's Island before they serve their federal prison sentences. 😄

  13. Wow look at joe joe that man did that too, no one talking about that guy god got his hand on mr Trump we will all see it 😮😊

  14. I love this show, but I just want to say that's it's so distracting to be able to hear Hallie – or whomever – shuffling papers constantly while someone else is talking. This has been bothering me forever. Just thought I'd mention it. It causes me to stop listening. For what it's worth. Why can't you guys turn off mics for Hallie while someone else is talking? Seems kinda like the normal thing for professional broadcasts since I never have this issue listening to anyone else.

  15. He won’t say a thing apart from “5th”. He may use his powers for evil and not good, but I’ve never considered him a stupid guy

  16. Bannon could fit in living under a bridge. 🤣 With that evil derelict look. Beware on a full moon. 🥴 J6 revolt R us.

  17. Build the wall funds went to petty cash.

  18. you gonna get sued to bankrupsty

  19. there waa legakl bases thats why they chamged the law huh liers

  20. it wasnt an attack the dems murdered a women and you will pay for it too

  21. who cares unvlcredible witnesses

  22. I hope he purgers his self and ends up in prison. Grease bag.

  23. Isn't he the one that stole money from trump's stupid wall funds and trump pardoned? Millions right?

  24. Cannot wait to see this facist, demented, pig, in prison.

  25. Issue him a subpoena to appear before a barber for a shave and a haircut. God, he's disgusting!

  26. Democrat spin and BS and propaganda on full display way to go NDC

  27. 'Trump made me do it." — Steve "Three Shirts" Bannon

  28. Bannon you freaking bum! And traitor ya should be living in Superman for life !!!

  29. Another traitor that had access to our military secrets how frightening

  30. Weren't they supposed to open this piece with "Indicted greasy grifter Steve Bannon…"?

  31. Sir, no one needs to tell you you're indicted. Just by thinking about it, you are, therefore, indicted. And there are a lot of us are thinking about it.

  32. Russia, Russia, Russia, this is a bunch of misinformation. Don't believe a word of this nonsense.

  33. Just from Chump's record of Lying …. if he said "Nobody told Me" ..Then for sure he's been told ..

  34. DOJ will need to Lysol before and after that thing's visit.