Steve Forbes calls for an investigation into the FDIC

Forbes Media CEO Steve Forbes details the fallout from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ #foxbusiness

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  1. Take a look at the head of investment at Credit Suisse Mx Pips an executive at the now failing bank who pushed the LGBTQ agenda over responsible banking even as Credit Suisse imploded and you'll know why the bank is now collapsing.

  2. You’ll never time it perfectly…unless you’re Paul & Nancy Pelosi 😂

  3. Traitor leaders, TREASONOUS!!!!!!

  4. .The failure of Silicon Valley Bank has torn into global markets, with investors ripping up their forecasts for further rises in interest rates and dumping bank stocks around the world. I'm at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my dipping 200k stocck portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?.

  5. People move quickly when they see an opportunity that is a matter of fact


  7. Default and let China know that the Bidens will take care of the bill. Maybe China will quit writing checks to the Bidens.

  8. He lying fed is starving the people with high prices and closing loans housing crash is next with no jobs from high corporate taxes over their heads companies move to India

  9. Bs market is leaving America and bank is going to socialism few big banks control all the rest of the bank close

  10. More like ask GOP about their deregulation. Forbes knew about that.

  11. Steve the car is out of the bag, the targets includes some people who are not connected to the people in power. We are on the same page sir, take it as it is. Ok.

  12. Well the recent events with SVB make it unlikely for the market to make significant gains soon, so it's wise to manage expectations and prepare for a potentially long recovery period. It's recommended to avoid making significant investment decisions until the economic environment stabilizes in areas of concern. It's best to exercise caution and avoid engaging with the current turbulence.

  13. Why must Mr. Cavuto always bud in so we can't hear the entirety of what Mr Forbes he is saying.

  14. The present issues of bank collapsing is a very good time to get into good digital business, since Elon musk has decided to buy SVB

  15. The "HOST" needs to take a few large sips from the shut the track up cup. Let Forbes speak. Please

  16. History Lesson
    President Kennedy, tried to END the FED, by creating a paper dollar, that was controlled
    by the U.S. government, Not by a Private Bank, called the Red Shield, also known as the Federal Reserve.
    He was shot in his car, and all of the his paper dollars were destroyed. NOT that the FED had anything to do with that.

  17. Throw FDIC in jail and give them janitorial jobs in prison

  18. Tell Forbes he's not a member of the fed government. His wife doesn't even answer his calls.

  19. Amazing , a week before the fail of SVB , the executives got bonus payments and cashed out their stock ….. absolutely shameful

  20. Entertainment industry just loves government!!!.

  21. Meltdown 😮 that slipped out.

  22. Yes investigation are there anybody in these agency s on government fit now they all seemed comprised

  23. But now the banking industry is back stopped by the taxpayer so game on. Take on risks because in this game , there's only winners.

  24. This guy is an idiot. Markets are low but hasn't crashed this isn't the time to buy yet. When markets crash like in 2009 you'll hear it through concrete walls then you buy.

  25. Steve you voted for Biden and bragged about it! Welcome to what you helped start the Great War of 2023

  26. Have bank CEOs not learned how to ladder their treasury notes?

  27. Biden is the crisis, now the Fed Reserve or the FDIC

  28. Everyone corrupt lol feds, politicians, president, bankers fudge.. everybody start your own army lol 😂

  29. lol investigate this investigate that but no investigation ever goes anywhere and people deny and say they working on getting the info but never do.. lol Politicians teaching and showing America you won't get in trouble as long as you deny and ignore matters. YOU CAN BE A CROOK, U JUST GOTTA HAVE MONEY HAHAHA

  30. " What Goes Around….
    Comes Back Around….."

  31. Forbes: "At some point, congress gotta ask the Federal Reserve, 'Why did you go for a generation with no interest rates (which is the equivalent of rent control)?' "


  33. This is more money laundering by the Democrat party. That's why it's in Democrat states. Democrats have been spending and stealing along time .

  34. I guarantee that if all those board members at SVB were former Trump appointees instead of former Clinton/Obama appointees the Fed wouldn't have bailed them out.

  35. If we investigate the fdic I hope someone investigates the investigation.

  36. Re Steve's point on rising interests rates and lag in the market. He is close to the mark imo. Just 2 more bumps up .500 and .250 then hold it there. Perhaps interest rates should to tied to population growth (birth rate and influx) — consider it a way to temper supply and demand. Look at it from a consumption & growth vs standard of living perspective. Yes?

  37. I hate the republicans always push for investigations but somehow never actually accomplish anything as a result….
    I am sick of the same people running washington…
    We need politicians to be in jail.
    We need corrupt judges and DAs to be in jail…
    We need corrupt school board members to be in jail and nothing…
    Republicans are so weak…

  38. SVB absolutely did NOT deserve a Bailout !! **FIRE everyone inside the FDIC for such wild favoritism and ABUSE of funds**

  39. Never noticed what a wig Neil has til this clip

  40. Just call “Janet” and ask her to crank up the “money machine”. Principle: “Looking good” is what these people are all about. 😊

  41. Yet another distraction