Saturday , January 16 2021
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Steve Forbes: Manufacturing jobs 'were slaughtered under the Biden-Obama years'

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes reacts to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s recent comments on the economy. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Of course they were. Quick let's return to that b.s.

  2. My FBI agent says protect Kevin Clinesmith and Joe Biden 😩

  3. That … is one really bad-looking hair style she's sporting. It looks like hair plastered to her head with glue.
    Makes the rest of her look massive.

  4. Remember what Obama saids. JOBS NOW ARE ALL GONE.. How is Trump gonna bring them back? Look Obama, JOBS is coming back.. NOW OBAMA WANTS CREDIT FOR THAT? They are so worry the economy is come back, CAUSE THEY WONT GET ANY MONEY FROM CHINA.

  5. 🆘Former president Obama donated none of his salary to charity and Michelle had a staff of 23. President Trump has donated all of his salary to charities and Melania has a staff of 4. Something the liberal bias media never tells you. Why?

  6. Do the Democrooks realize that the UNEMPLOYMENT is 8.3% and this is with CV-19, that is 1% lower that Obummer when he left office after 8 years on lack luster jobs growth? OBUMMER AND BIDEN never helped anyone, except their pockets.

  7. How can Joe Biden show his face on the campaign trail knowing the treasonous acts he has committed against the USA and citizens during his political career.

  8. biden is a lame duck biden is anti american anti labor

  9. And yet the employment numbers in the major Democrat governed states and cities are still pretty bad wonder why lol

  10. Yep, everything, all the Americans jobs, went over to slimy creepy sleepy hiden lying uncle NO GO corrupt Joey Biden’s China manufactures. Remember?

  11. Left only cares about feelings not the Data or the Truth.

  12. For sure I lost my house under mass layoffs during their tenure with massive reduced income, I'm glad Trump waved a magic wand to bring jobs back.

  13. Donald Trump is a lying heap of orange sh*t

  14. Stress the fact that we here in the USA have a battle between parties. We are not yet a proletariat political government like China where we have a single ruling party system. more

  15. So how does Trump overcome the lies from the left and fake news? How does he get the message out. Debates could be a choice but, again, the "press" will structure the questioning so as not to embarrass Joe. Trump will have to ad-lib.

  16. The job magic wand you say well Trump has one called lowering taxes and small business entry barriers called regulation. Its not complicated.

  17. TRUMP 2020 no one since Ronald Reagan has done more to build our economy.

  18. The citizens of this country are very gullible…so the leftists democrats…Biden’s handlers…exploit it.

  19. Why does Biden have that look that he don’t know what’s going ON.

  20. I personally was affected by these scums.biden will attack with his fake insurance claims again.

  21. It was a rough time for my family under Obama/Biden.

  22. According to the British Minister of Health Matt Hancock, the British and Swedish multinational company Astra Zeneca will distribute Covid 19 vaccine for Great Britain and Sweden in the first week of January 2021 as the first countries

  23. TRUMP LANDLIDE COMMING UP..NOV 3RD😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Biden said black, brown and Latino because Harris is brown but not Latino or black. She is just plain stupid. And Joe would of never written that. He's a puppet.

  25. Dear editor,
    Haven't the Democrats done enough damage controlling the House of Representatives? Unless your a member of ANTIFA or an outright socialist or Communist ,what in God's name would you want to have the senate controlled by the Democrats? Very few Democrats have shown any remorse for all the needless chaos that they've caused America. To put any more of those radical democrats back in the senate or the house would be very close to a form of mass suicide!

  26. obama and demo rats are evil. Biden is biding chinas time

  27. Wake up people ! Democrats project their failures on conservatives. Classic Alenski communist propaganda. When that fails…fake civil disobedience! Which we see now. Are you sheep w/ your obedient mask or are you a free thinking common sense American?

  28. I guess smashing manufacturing jobs was part of their plan to make the poor disgruntled and be ready for another revolution, this time a socialist type, then they would be all put back in their boxes.

  29. obamam/biden's spending package included more than $150 billion for Iran. I wonder how that helped working Americans?

  30. It was the Bush administration that started the stimulus package that saved the economy . Obama took credit because he was sworn in when it was implemented .

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