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Steve King: I Drank Out Of Migrant Facility Toilet, It Was ‘Pretty Good’ | NBC News

During a town hall event in Iowa, Rep. Steve King said he drank from a toilet during a tour of a migrant detention facility and said it wasted “actually pretty good.”
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Steve King: I Drank Out Of Migrant Facility Toilet, It Was ‘Pretty Good’ | NBC News


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  1. For those intelligent enough to ask questions: The "toilets" in the facility are ECO products. Clean, fresh water is pumped into the sink/faucet which is located above the toilet tank. The water from the sink drains into the tank and is used to flush the toilet. There are several relatively inexpensive types which can be installed without a plumber. It conserves water and reduces the volume of waste going into the septic system which is likely to fail when subjected to a sudden increase in people at the facility.

  2. Most of immigrants probably haven't used a drinking fountain, toilet, or shower for weeks or even months while trekking to America. Even if the drinking fountain was 100 ft away from the toilet it would be just as contaminated due to poor personal hygine. The toilet/ water fountain saves on installation and equipment costs. Also doesn't require additional space and is faster/easier to clean than seperate fixtures. Sad day when everyone feels the need to take political sides on plumbing fixtures 😂

  3. Well, I wonder if he tried one of those brownies which were floating around in there?

  4. Did he call the detainees, INMATES?!

  5. These people come to our country illegally to steal from us and you expect them to be treated like Royal Kings ? They should be shot on site coming here illegally, what they get is enough

  6. OHHHHHH So Locking Up Asylum Seeking Refugees Is Actually Okay… I Get It Now

  7. Proof positive that elected officials do not undergo randomized drug testing. If they did this guy would be gone or in rehab.

  8. This right here is a true Republican!!!

  9. So … Why don't you change places with some immigrant. You drink out of the toilet on a daily bases, and the immigrant gets to enjoy all the perks of a person of means.

  10. This guy shud be cut in half by a saw for lying to the public.

  11. Steve King is a patriot. AOC is an anti-American bigot.

  12. Am I really listening to a member of the US Congress justifying drinking out of a toilet?

  13. He really should stick to drinking only from the toilets in his house.

  14. No big thing for King. The pervert always drinks toilet water. Probably eats it of the toilet whenever he can find something.

  15. Maybe he was looking for another young teenage girl to wait to mature enough to make into his wife. Again. Mmm. Ripe teenage girls, eh Steve?

  16. "Migrant Facility Toilet" = Trump micro 🍆 

    King: It Was ‘Pretty Good’

  17. It "wasted" pretty good? What is this page ran from? A 2014 Windows Phone?

  18. Well now he can ask Bill Gates out for cocktails…Dinner at 8, party of 2, your table is ready!!

  19. This Steve is a straight up garbage.

  20. No sir, If you have a microscope look at the water, you are eating sh*t, dead animals, DRUGS, and a little radiation topper! Have you all have sold your soul to the devil? A lie is still a lie if everybody believes it and truth is the truth even if no-body believes it!

  21. well you ignorant punk I'm sure you think it's good you probably drink out of the toilet every time trump uses it since your mouth is full of S*^T

  22. People drinking from toilets in America. American politicians will justify anything.

  23. Not that I support this man but to be clear, because judging from the comments it seems alot of people did not fully watch the video, the detainees drink out of a fountain that is installed on the tank of the toilet. That water is clean and the grey water that runs down the drain when they drink or wash their hands runs down into the bowl where it will be flushed away after someone uses the bathroom. It's a water saving feature that I would like to get for my house. Please be fully informed before commenting.

  24. So I guess laughing after you lie automatically makes it okay to overlook the lie😑

  25. Those who actually think he drank out of the toilet bowl probably actually drink out of toilet bowls.

  26. Everyone mocking this man because they can’t accept that AOC lies about migrants drinking from toilets 😎

  27. Did you CRY at the fenced empty parking lot too?? SO SAD! Get that photo for CNN & Fake NEWS!!

  28. And he want empathy from us??? Roflmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Someone call Tray Parker and Matt Stone.

  30. He probably swallowed some when someone shoved his head into it to give him a "swirlie."

    Bill Maher had this guy pegged years ago, when he was included in the "Craziest Congressperson Award" competition. King was introduced as he "Midwest Mouth-Breather."

    A case could be made that having him on the national payroll is tantamount to flushing tax dollars down the toilet; maybe someone took him up on it…

  31. Typo in video description. The media does not care about accuracy, or fact checking, and journalism is dead. Who holds the media accountable??

    These videos on major MSM channels will soon have thumbs up/down options taken away. Do not accept this from google! This should be a bipartisan effort!

  32. Do people not realize that the toilets in question at the facility have a integrated drinking fountain built on top of the toilet. and not actually drinking out of the toilet bowl?…

  33. When I read these comments below cannot believe how ignorant people can be as a contractor let me start by saying now listen up dummies the water that is pumped into the fountain is clean drinking water the waist from the fountain then goes to supply the toilet for flushing it save on water about 60 to 70 % and one more time for those dummies that sat in back of the class chewing gum the found stuck on the bottom of their desk it is clean water supplied for drinking and the waist flushes the toilet 🚽 😤

  34. These detainees are being detained for a reason!

  35. Yeah, but have you had your children seperated from you and drugged with calm down meds when they cry for you? Lol

  36. Wow.
    Send that man to Flint Michigan.

  37. He never said that he drank out of a toilet. The hateful lies are strong with this so called news show. You are a disgrace to journalism.

  38. I was in a holding cell in Dallas county and they have a toilet that has a fountain on top of the tank for drinking and hand washing. So when they are lying and saying people are drinking from toilets this is what they mean. This was not a prison cell it was meant for temporary detainment.

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