Steve Moore: This is the most worrisome thing about credit card debt

Economist Steve Moore discusses an increase in credit card and auto loan delinquencies and McDonald’s’ inflated prices on ‘The Bottom Line.’ #foxbusiness #thebottomline

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  1. Why are people paying so much for cars? Stop buying these overpriced cars!!!

  2. It needs to be banned it’s making people fat

  3. People don’t care, they are just glued to social media and seeing .000000001 percent of people living large and so they ruin their lives to be someone

  4. It doesn't matter because the green nightmare will end early next year. Trump will body slam it.

  5. Seems to me Musk will figure out a way that buying a Tesla will count as a "Carbon Tax"

  6. Even a 3% inflation will double prices in 24 years so if you are 24 years old, your income will need to increase by 100% when you are 48 years old and 200% when you are retired at 72.
    Biden's crazy policies since 2021, have doubled the cost of buying a home a home, so many will never be homeowners.

  7. The good news with the economy has absolutely NOTHING to do with slow Joe.

  8. Whose wages are up 17%? My husband is making less this year than last. No raise and the price of health insurance and house insurance has gone up!

    Too investigated All Congress on there free EXPECTED. MONEY

  10. Well guess.what
    Bet the BIDEN Administration will blame Trump


  11. Its actualy alk abouf the same as always relatively

  12. The big problem in this country is White people holding back minorities.
    If we would all leave the US for 10 years , the Mexicans and Africans could make America great again, so that we all could finally have a wonderful place to live together.

  13. We are not only paying more but we are getting less and less in the products we buy. The eggs I bought two weeks ago doubled. The hash browns I buy were 32 ozs and today the same bag I opened were 26 ozs.

  14. When the bubble bursts next time it's going to not just burst one segment of the economy and it will be a domino effect throughout the world which I would consider to be the great reset. Everyone's starting over from scratch all debts eliminated eliminated including country debt

  15. Re "couple bags of groceries is $200"


  16. Everything is Awesome 👷‍♂️🧋

  17. Do people actually take this cretin seriously?

  18. There is no movement in America because there are no actual leaders on the side of conservatism in Washington.

  19. 7 people 2bags? $100?…really?? Hahahaha bs much?

  20. Is Taylor Swift a Democrat???

  21. Shut down SpaceX; heavy carbon footprint. Shut down Tesla because of the high carbon footprint to mine the rare earth minerals, not to mention the toxic battery waste upon disposal.

  22. It's really frustrating to listen to people who aren't struggling financially try to sympathize for people who are

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  24. Divided? O beem er used to through the race card and May or Ad ams loves chocolate (his word for those who are predominantly governing N YC).

  25. This man is10000% correct. People even making 80k are broke.

  26. People are delinquent because Biden wiped out 401k and savings by tanking the market last year.

  27. America's National Debt is basically like these Americans defaulting on their credit card debt. Our interest payment is insane and if we dont reduce the debt and balance the budget our interest payment will exceed our GDP.

    We are in the danger zone!

  28. Taylor Swift is overrated! Spencer Crandall & Ed Sheeran are better song writers, composers, singers & all round artists than she'll ever be!

  29. Duffy paying $200 for a family of 7. What are they eating beans and rice.

  30. And Joe Biden's response: SOMEBODY PASS THE ICE CREAM

  31. My husband and I are 30K in credit card debt since 2021😢

  32. Inflation is still waaay up & any wage increase is a pittance in comparison

  33. Not only price of food but quality too.

  34. November can't get here fast enough 🤸🦵🏦 bye bye joey

  35. 4:23 b.s. some places in u.s. and europe have living wages and sandwiches aren't much more expensive than in endstage capitalism