Saturday , October 31 2020
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Steven Mnuchin: 'US economy is outperforming the rest of the world'

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says a significant increase in the American economy and a global slowdown it’s obvious President Trump’s economic policies are working.

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  1. Fox news scorched the list of fake news and for the money of Bloombeg do fake polls about Trump's rating.
    Earlier, the Washington Post was spotted for issuing faek news.
    Bloomberg allocated a billion dollars against President Trump.
    Soros allocated a billion dollars against President Trump.

    News editors are blowing the roof of such money, and they are ready to sell their mother.

    When money is allocated to politics, this means that they want to return it profitably.

  2. Should fox be judged for spinning the tapes of amarosa
    Showing trumps true colors on
    Racist comments?

    Will fox continue to demoralize the black us citizens by hiring uncle toms for their panel just so they can proceed the spinning for the obvious money launderer for the Russian oligarchs?


  3. GDP growth of 2 percent when more than 5 percent of GDP is government deficit spending. And the creation of 7 million jobs while printing 1 trillion dollars a year boils translates to almost $150,000 a year per job. Of course in a trickle down economy, 80 to 90 percent of the trillion dollar deficit is to allow the richest to minimize their contribution to our government.

  4. And this is excatly what impeachment is all about

  5. Donald Trump does nothing but Win ✌😊👍 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸😁🇺🇸

  6. I'm loving my Roth IRA growing 27% last year after years of stagnation under the corrupt Democrats.

  7. trumps 3 year average GDP is 2.4% putting him in 12th place of the last 15 presidents. GM closed 6 plants, Harley left, Ford is laying off, Volvo is leaving SC to build in Europe,

    28 billion in farmer bailouts due to stupidity.2019 Had over

    9300 retailers close. Complete FAILURE

  8. Winning so much I am getting whiplash.

  9. lol good joke, as someone who works in a automotive bearing factory business has slowed noticeably ever since the tariffs.

  10. The economy is booming but nobody sees it unless your a millionaire or billionaire……Then he talks about jobs but 44% of the jobs you cant even afford an apartment anywhere in America bc that job makes only 18k a year or less.

  11. 1 trillion in debt from Trump in 3 yrs . 8 yrs in Obama still less… dollar weaker, inflation figures rigged. Mnuchin is prez pimp.

  12. In 2017 there was a global economic boom , and much of the rest of the world was outperforming the United States. You could argue that foreign financial markets outperformed American financial markets , and that foreign economies were helping to lift up the American economy. The value of the dollar was dropping in 2017. How come Mnuchin won’t mention that ?

  13. This must be driving the Democrats crazy….Trump is doing an outstanding job!

  14. National debt is 23 Trillion!
    This is short sighted with horrific long term consequences. Immoral and irresponsible. Massive market manipulations are being done daily to keep this lie going….
    Mnuchin makes my skin crawl.

  15. Blame college tuitions and mansion mortgages,not seeing it.The wife has to dance as hot teacher at Yoga to make ends meet.

  16. But who is reaping the benefits?? There's no money for public education….. no money for public health….. no money for mental health .. no money to fix the crumbling infrastructure…..but yeah, we got trillions for subsidizing large corporations and waging unnecessary wars….

  17. Not if you ask the average American.

  18. No it's not. Americans are working multiple jobs and still can't afford good healthcare. The American economy is only benefiting the top 1%

  19. and i'm helping. options are important, especially when they are investments. not interested? your loss. veteran here. you can help us both

  20. The reality is that presidents have far less control over the economy than you might imagine. Presidential economic records are highly dependent on the dumb luck of where the nation is in the economic cycle. And the White House has no control over the demographic and technological forces that influence the economy. Even in areas where the president really does have power to shape the economy — appointing Federal Reserve governors, steering fiscal and regulatory policy, responding to crises and external shocks — the relationship between presidential action and economic outcome is often uncertain and hard to prove. You can cut the crap Mnuchin. Show us how much we have paid for Trump's Golfing and Vacations . WTF would we want to wait until after the election Tell us now you idiot !

  21. The swamp seems to be contagious. Maybe a bottle of corona.

  22. i haven't noticed any difference. this literally mean nothing to 97% of Americans. Seems to me that trumps idea of draining the swamp was just him trying to stir the clog with a spoon, maybe we should vote in a plumber instead of a 3x bankrupt businessman.

  23. Republican scum like Traitor Trump and rubber faced Mnuchin love their voters, empty skulls to be filled with loads of propaganda and lies about the economy. The republican mantra is socialism for the wealthy, picking up our citizens by the ankles and shaking them until their pockets are empty. Does Mnuchin mention that the top 20% just got $2.75 trillion in "free money" in 2019, which they did not lift a finger to earn and came directly out of our pockets? Over 13% of the economy goes directly into the pockets of the wealthy and every year that amount will grow until the economy is fully absorbed by the non-productive Wall Street grifters, bank CEO's and hedge fund criminals.

  24. Oh really…

    With the Chinese quarantined in their homes. World travel at a standstill due to the coronvirus. Fear of spending in being out in public. The productivity at workplace in fear pandemic spread. The world will see an economic contraction!

  25. Terrible liar. China had 6 percent growth last year. We had 2 percent…

  26. The federal deficit is a two trillion per year on trumps Administration. We will have a depression in September 2020.

  27. WOW!! Bunch of Complainer's on this Site! Read and find out yourselves the great strength of the US Economy.
    President Trump’s Accomplishments; Just a Partial List!  
    1. A 50 YEAR USA record low unemployment of 3.5%!
    2.The DOW Jones is UP 10,000 to 11,000 since Wed. Nov 9, 2016.
    3.That is more than a $11 TRILLION increase in stock asset value. Anyone with 401k
    or IRA or Roth IRA and ALL Teachers and Auto Union pension funds have increased
    over 70%. In addition, US municipal workers that have Municipal Pension Funds are winners!
    4.Single-family, owner occupied Real Estate is up over $2 Trillion since summer of 2017.
    5.The median Household Income, over the last 2 ½ years is up $5,000 as reported by the
    Economist Steve Moore. If you back calculate from Dec. 2016 to Dec. 2019, the
    increase is actually over $8,000.  See US Census Bureau link on Household Income.
    6. Both the USMCA tri-lateral trade has been passed by Congress and the phase I
    China/USA Trade Deal has been signed, whereby China purchases $200 billion
    from the USA over the next 2 years.  Sets the stage for Phase 2 US-China deal.
    7. The combined trade agreements could add 0.5% to 1.5% to our current GDP of 2.1%.
    8. Fannie Mae has been recently reported by CNBC to state that there will be a 1 MILLION
    INCREASE in single family home building for 2020, meaning a 10% increase over 2019.
    9. Small Business makes up 50% of US economy and the Small Business Administration
    say that they are hearing from ALL their members that business is the best in 50 years!
    10.  US daily oil production is up nearly 4.5 million barrels / day since Oct. 2016.  The US is now
    producing a RECORD 13.0 million barrels / day and selling 4.0 million/day to Overseas markets.
    We are by far, out performing Saudi Arabia who are at 10.0 million bpd and Russia is at 11.5 million bpd.

  28. Republicans abandoned all their principles when they became Trumpian

  29. Inflated AF and $hitty wages is not outperforming. More like modern day slavery! Everyone knows the stock market is RIGGED and the Fed Reserve injecting massive amounts into it!

  30. Fox News is the real Fake News!

  31. *for a very small percentage of "Americans" that is.

  32. The Fed pumped 200 billion into the economy to cover up the down fall of Trump's tariffs . Pure BS. Kissing up to hand that feeds him.

  33. Trophy wives of America are the 69 percent deviation.Depends what the treat of the month is.

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