Thursday , August 11 2022

Sticker shock showing ‘light at the end of the tunnel’: Stew Leonard

Stew Leonard’s president and CEO Stew Leonard says suppliers have started splitting rising transportation costs, and that the supply chain is ‘smoothing out.’ #foxbusiness

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  1. This rich old man has no clue about life

  2. My local grocery store was pushing out frozen pizzas for 5 for $10.00. Forget $ 5 dollar gourmet "hamburgers". Wax on Stu, Wax on!

  3. He is so funny 🤣 😆 😂

  4. Those of us that want what we want will have what we want! Git-er-done! LGBFJB!

  5. 4th of July is easy! Stay home and eat WHATEVER you want! Love them hotdogs! LGBFJB!

  6. Got to love Obamacare 2.0. Except instead of being Baticath Care, he implemented Tru-in-ada-shada-de-pressure

  7. Lobster?? Who has lobster for the fourth of July??

  8. You.mean someone shot biden

  9. 500 ships still sitting off of the Long Beach docks in California, fact.
    "The supply is smoothing out", opinion.
    Those two statements are contrary.

  10. This Stew Leonards guy should be an inspiration to everyone. He is a true American.

  11. It's crazy a bucket of chicken is going for $20-25 bucks used to be $10 back in the day. If u buy each piece individually it's $2-3 a piece. Poultry prices are way too high. It makes no sense that it cost $30 to feed a family dinner or 4 per day.
    So if u eat out every night that's $30×7 =210 on dinner per week, not including breakfast or lunch, snacks. They say it's cheaper to cooking at home but barely…..groceries are so high and if you work all day u hardly feel like cooking when u get home. Even the cost of low cost foods are going up…. spam, hot dogs, Mac n cheese, value meals, pork, chicken nuggets. Everything cost more. At this point the best thing u can do is fill up on bread and water. Maybe soup, grilled cheese, and homemade salads, oatmeal, cereal are gonna be your cheapest food options

    FOCUS INSTEAD ON ❤ , 👪 & THE 🌎

  13. The food industry is reaping record profits.

  14. Why can't we just steal food, like the people robbing, target, or Walmart etal and not get arrested? What is it something like if the theft is under 1000 dollars they don't arrest or prosecute you.

  15. At least in Florida steak is up 150%, what are you talking about

  16. This not accurate at all.

  17. Not sure where you're getting your data but 2 years ago for 200$ worth of groceries this year it's double that easily. Try 100% increase.

  18. Wait wait I would have thought the 20 joe Biden supports and illegal immigrants this is what they wanted

  19. 17%? No way! These people obviously aren’t grocery shopping.

  20. Lies Lies Lies! Its going to get a lot worse

  21. It’s nothing to celebrate other than desperation 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  22. I always thought that the light at the end of the tunnel…was the fast freight coming this way.

  23. Labor day? Lots of picnics and camping has go be big.

  24. Oh, good. Lobster prices have come down…what a relief!

  25. Labor and fuel costs? What about your record profits sir? If labor and fuel rise and rise retail costs that the consumer pays along with it profits would stay the same but we’re seeing your profits rise exponentially which means you’re gouging. Americans don’t fall for their nonsense these companies that produce and distribute food or robbing us all blind in the name of their own profits

  26. That last clip of people staying at home eating at home there goes the restaurant business there goes waitress jobs bartender jobs Yes economy's really going to be roaring unbelievable how we just explain this stuff away this is living in the matrix 😂✌️

  27. I was amazed earlier today while drive through downtown Portland Oregon. I saw Osama Bin Laudon and Jeffrey Epstein riding together in a Limo. It's helpful to be friends with Barry Obama.

  28. I live in Washington State. Most of the grocery goods are available here. Less and less lately so one of these days I hope it is more and more again. Dear Americans: I suggest you buy a couple of cans of Span if you can find it. Might be your…'Last supper'.

  29. Don't worry folks. The Biden/Obama administration will rain down some money and everything will be fine….until you get the bill. Take care. God bless!

  30. The average American female is 5'-4" tall and weighs 180 lbs! Eat up buttercup.

  31. Try 100% for most items even at Walmart. Cherries at this time used to cost 1.99$ a lb they are now 4.99$ a pound WTF. For what I got 2 years ago for 200$ we are now spending DOUBLE .. $400. Your data is way off.