Monday , January 25 2021
Home / News / Stimulus deal won't bail out blue states who won't open economies: Rick Scott

Stimulus deal won't bail out blue states who won't open economies: Rick Scott

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., provides insight into stimulus talks with FOX Business’ Charles Payne. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I live in Florida, and have been in Lockdown since March! I am so sick of the BS since then. We need help, all of us!!!!

  2. A $600 stimulus check won't even buy people's groceries. And they have no place to live it should be $2,000 or at least people can get on their feet quit playing games with the American people I am so sick of it we didn't ask for this fricking pandemics we didn't ask to get shut down we just did what we were told to do and now who's paying for it the American people when government needs to get off there but mostly the House and Senate and agree to $2,000 a month until the pandemics over with

  3. We need to stop borrowing from Chinas bank

  4. Except welfare people like welfare state Connecticut middle class here are paying the tax on their spending

  5. NY and Calif have some of the highest taxes in the country. They are taxing the people out of their homes and lives. Scott is right. Why should they pay for states that are causing their own destruction and rules. They have millions stashed but want taxpayers and Rep to pay for them. They are not helping by causing more debt in the nation. It is a disgrace for families and single adults who are on the verge of losing everything and many have lost everything. Even the states that are open still can't find full time work or more than pt hours.
    It's 2020 the cost of living is not pennies. One steak at the market is $8-17….they want to give $600? There is no where where rent and basic monthly bills is that amount when people have been waiting over 5 -8 months. They need to get people back on their feet, not crumbs. They are getting greedy and living luxury lifestyles on the backs of the people who pay taxes!

  6. How are you suppose to save money with no money coming in????

  7. Rick Scott is every bit as corrupt as Donny Trump!

  8. Take back ppp from Alc ,Nuson, and to Senator from Geo. running sennitor

  9. No friends of gov. to get PPP money for small businesses not cheating to small businesses

  10. $300 unemployment wkly x 4wks=$1200 monthly
    $1200 monthly x 4 months =$4800 in only 4 months (which is 16 weeks) and the rest of Americans get $600 and that's it…Nothing weekly nor monthly……. It's still not going to help those that DONT QUALITY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT OR STILL WAITING ON UNEMPLOYMENT…. And their families are still in severe need…

  11. Blue states have no common sense.

  12. They are basically jelsi person so

  13. Bail Out Blue States, A BIG HELL NOOOOOOWA!!!

  14. First of all you stop blaming it on the blue States stop lying

  15. If the Dems can bail out their political candidates w/ Dominion machines and fraudulent poll workers, they can bail out their own states that they are destroying through riots, and unnecessary lockdowns.

  16. Those crooked Dems dont care about American people dying or not from loss of house, job, hunger…no food, sick, loss of biz, n many other reasons due their ignorance.


  18. Rick Scott is an invasive species and he released all the pythons in Florida

  19. Families are going without the babies are going Hungry. Of course those in CONGRESS Don't give a flying pig because they HAVE IT ALL

  20. Time to start filing lawsuits it's disgusting what Pelisi is doing time shes forced to step her corrupt *as down or we take her out asap!

  21. we all need to stop voting and stop making purchases………………….

  22. If the Republicans had their way, we would have nothing. They all need to disappear, they only help themselves using our tax dollars while just like Trump don't even pay taxes through loopholes. If your rich, good for you. Sorry, but that's not a lie or a hoax. Truth hurts.

  23. NO money for the corrupt closed DemocRAT States. They were failing before Covid; they continue to fall, because they don't want to open their economy.

  24. So it will cost every family 7,000 later, for 600 dollars today???
    ALL OF THEM!!!

  25. Pelosi has 100 million not being sent from the first stimulus bill. She needs to go now.

  26. Why don't we start cutting the government officials incomes to pay for this they get raises for doing half as much work for Americans every day especially these democratic governors and senators working against us americans

  27. Joey wants to lock down. Job losses. Depression on its way

  28. They're gonna bail out blue states no matter what even if it means waiting until they have complete control before they do so! So as we wait EVERYONE else is getting F*CKED!! As an Independent DON'T expect my support when you don't think about ME! I will NOT think about you either!!

  29. We need stimulus… but to the people NOT TO THE CORRUPT STATES… they will mismanage the $$ and won't help honest citizens. WE DON'T HAVE $7K TO PAY MORE TAXES!!

  30. Shut up and take it is what it is they want to vmcobtrol us

  31. We get 600 and pay 7000 in tax dept……..that's the democratic swamp making 6400 off every American

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