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Stolen police SUV crash kills 2 children and leaves 9 injured | USA TODAY

Suspect crashes stolen police car leaving two dead.

A multi-vehicle crash involving a stolen police car killed two children and left nine other hospitalized in Dayton, Ohio.

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  1. That is a wake-up call for our prison and/or jail system to make sure who they are releasing too early. Overhaul the whole system about parolees getting out too, too early. This guy should have been in prison another 10 years. Cops should also go through intense training about assessing a situation like this one in one second because look what it did, it caused innocent lives to be lost, injuries and damage. Slow cops that are slow thinkers equals unnecessary death for the public.
    Maybe they need to be replaced by RoboCop's that will not hesitate.

  2. Those parents should bring a lawsuit for the cops not acting appropriately and FAST!!! but if it was for a traffic ticket they would have even blocked you.

  3. Dude you had a clear shot. I would have shot him fast. If it had been a black man you know you would have shot him. These cops don't shoot when they have to. Slow thinkers. Pathetic.

  4. death penaly and don't spend years on it, that shit should be told that he would be taken down into the courtroom basement and given two bullets to the back of his head

  5. you take a cops equipment they are allowed to use deadly force ,BUT THIS GUY allowed the suspect to take his car with weapons inside and didnt even Fire a single shot . now 2 children are dead …this guy needs to be fired

  6. That really sucks children died . That being said we need more restrictions and better back round checks on driver license holders , right all you non gun people .

  7. He was released on parole 2 weeks ago. Long criminal record should of stayed in prison. Drugs was in his system.

  8. How wtf, why did the cop let him get into the drivers seat?! What?!

  9. Be sure to push the gun violence at the end. Even though it has nothing to do with this crime.

  10. Damn dudes stealing Cop cars🤣😂🤣🤣

  11. What DAYTON got a bunch of rookie cops should have end different those kids would still be alive

  12. New Gta update pretty good 👍

  13. This has gone on long enough. It's time for common sense SUV control legislation

  14. What was that cop doing for the first 10 seconds of the video? Why didn't he shoot him? Taser didn't work

  15. I'm a take a WILD guess he's NOT BLACK cus the taser was pulled.. and police car NOT shot at and TAKEN ALIVE…

  16. They should have just put a bullet in the back of his head after that.

  17. Let me guess..he was white… anyone else, they would of shot.not used a taser

  18. This is clearly a staged event, you can see just as the officer steps back and waves his hand the vehicle proceeds in reverse. Previous to that the officer appears to lean down toward the bottom of the vehicle.

  19. Ok lets plays a game!!!! Thumbs up if it was a white guy thumbs down if it was a black guy. Lets see who gets it right

  20. I've never seen a report so lacking in details

  21. I hope they change policy to " if the subject gets in your car you can kill them" to prevent this type of shit

  22. Show the mugshot I wonder why they haven't 🤔🤔 perp not fit your narrative

  23. I'm sure they know his name, some reason they don't want to release it? Was there a sniper there too?

  24. Keystone Cops was prophecy… you can't make this stuff up.
    Idiot pigs shooting a guy eating a pear "I thought he had a grenade".. complete lunacy to have these fossils still failing to bring any safety into our world.
    In fact most people fear the police more than street criminals.
    Isn't that a sad fact?

  25. Universal background checks. Ban cars.

  26. The worst part about this whole thing is this at 0:58 gross. Just gross.

    Talk about benefiting from tragedy

  27. Not sure what that cop was thinking. But it wasn't on his job.

  28. So…the perp was hospitalized as well. I sure wish that I was😈 the doctor!🚬💉🔪🔨🔌💊✂🔪💉🚬🔨💀

  29. All I can say is stupid f**** cops! The cop standing by the passenger door looks like he is possibly disabled, or maybe just very poorly trained. And then they decide to chase him as he going backwards running over and killing people, come on.

  30. Train these cops 2 take the keys out!!!Like we normal civilians do when exiting our vehicles!!

  31. To many cameras on the cop. That’ll be why he didn’t shoot.

  32. Obviously That Cop Didnt Fight Enuff For The Vehicle

  33. This is why we call you fake news report the full story how did he get to the front seat

  34. Should have been shot the second he jumped in the driver’s seat.

  35. woooow. hope he gets life with no parole EVER.

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