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Stop blaming Kamala Harris for Biden’s border crisis: WSJ’s McGurn

WSJ ‘Main Street’ columnist Bill McGurn argues the crisis at the southern border is President Biden’s fault and also discusses the future of the Republican Party. #FOXBusiness

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  1. McGurn is correct…about whose fault the border mess is and his doxiy"s inability to handle the job given her. Voters were warned about Biden and Harris lack of political skill; so the fault really lies with Democrat voter as does the unemployment, higher taxes, teachers who will not teach, etc.

  2. He will see how weak we are at midterms

  3. People of America can't understand why the administration is destroying our country. People of America know it was an illegal election!

  4. Does this guy not watch kamala inept performance he's as bad as her 🤔

  5. I want the year to go slow enjoy the summer but I really want to see the mid term elections. Oh confusing.

  6. I think you should get rid of both of them and never look back

  7. Are you serious? Oh but she wanted this position soooooo bad why she could handle anything!!!! Shame on you for trying to take her mishandling a job she was assigned y her boss! She’s a total disgrace and he is a joke!!

  8. Worst administration ever

  9. The people of the United States demand the resignation of Joe Biden Kamala Harris and Nancy pelosi

  10. She and the people who voted for them are the problem not pulling punch s anymore yeah I voted for trump so what you voted for open borders canceled pipelines in America but lifted sanctions on putins pipe line

  11. The only thing Democrat Politician's do is work to ensure they will never lose power again by all means necessary. Dirty tactics are being used by both sides but the left owns most of the news channels and social media. Democrats care nothing about America or our citizens. Their goal is to line their pockets and they don't care who they stomp on that gets in their way.

  12. They created chaos, then stole the 2020 election, created more chaos, and then act like nothing is going on.

  13. She is supposedly the vp and it has been assigned to her to oversee it. She won't even go to the border and take a look at what is happening there.

  14. She's as guilty as him. All she has to do is work out getting the border shut down and send them back! Go against her party line and save our country! So don't say anything about not blaming her.

  15. I Blame all the politicians! this is not the American way

  16. This guy as a point, however Harris should attempt something, it is her responsibility and has been. Poor demonstration of leadership

  17. The reason this just keeps going on is because nobody's protesting …

  18. Kamala Harris was given a job to do.

  19. Ughm,..she is the border Zar! It is her , and her responsibility alone to fix the mess..Joe said

  20. Everyone knows Susan Rice is running the White House. She has a direct line to Obama.

  21. Hey mcgurn , you're a idiot

  22. How come Nobody is asking why these politicians getting so Rich on a Government Salary ?

  23. The administration is to blame, so that means they all are to blame you old idiot.

  24. The only reason she said something about not going to Europe
    Is because she is MAD about having to down south where she has NO CLUE WHAT TO DO
    First JOEY BIDEN takes her BUS RIDE away then sends her down south … Where she has no control

  25. The crisis at the border is the B…..th Kamala problems. She was given the job to fix it. If she can't then appoint someone who can.

  26. Harris is a complete moron a complete idiot she don't know how to speak in the English language all she knows how to say is I've been oppressed poor me the United States owes me oh she's looking for is a handout

  27. The ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION is to blame for the boarder crisis !!!!
    Seriously, take ownership for the democratic failed policies!!
    GROW UP!!

  28. She was made to be in charge there..she hails from California a border state.. her disconnect from her own state, and the her position is inexcusable.. true it's Bidens bad policy or his Globalist resetters and sponsers bad policy too but he signs the paperwork making it all happen.. Strange how ez it is to make apps for a digital ID with health and safety as and excuse.. yet they couldn't come up with a similar system for legal immigration and asylum seeking with stay in place.. that may have been a solution a d they prefer crisis as that causes more crisis and gives rise for the need of more freedom taking solutions.. the establishment thinks people are stupid..this is their mistake..one of many. This is all by design not by mere incompetence

  29. Y tu heres otro. .como ellos…y los fefiendes… callate…mr. big juez

  30. Then who's fault is it? Biden put her in charge of the border didn't he.

  31. She was supposed to be in charge…….. does she not take orders from the President? What a joke this administration is!

  32. This demon gargoyle is a most useful idiot of this socialist Democratic Administration

  33. All commie-dems want the Southern border open. All of them are responsible for the chaos over there. And all must be impeached or voted out.

  34. Somehow this is all Trump's fault of course, according to socialist Democratic controlled media

  35. Impeach Joe Biden and Kamela Harris

  36. Does he honestly think Basement Biden is going to do anything about it? Someone hasn't been paying attention for the last 50 years.


  38. Their both the blame Biden put Harris in charge of the Border

  39. She was put in charge of the border crisis.

  40. 👀👀👀😲👀👀👀

  41. Is it? Is it really Bidens policy?

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