Stop fixing and start firing: Smith takes on a new T20 role | Sri Lanka v Australia 2022

Steve Smith has been unshackled from the ‘Mr Fix-it’ role as Australia seek to unlock his T20 explosiveness ahead of this year’s World Cup

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  1. Nice player I want to see Smith 2022 T20 world cup i am your big fan ❤️❤️

  2. Bruh who wrote that title..

  3. Virat kohli most average for England 2023💯confirmde

  4. Virat ka sentury 2023 me ayega 💯confirmed✅✅✅

  5. howeveR he plays t 20 but he is best palyer on earth of test and odi

  6. Video title man went all in on this one💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  7. He still won't be good enough! I;m sorry but it's the truth! His unorthodox batting technique makes him to rely more on placement than power. And relying on placement in a t20 game is risky due to the amount of dot balls it can lead to. There are players like Tim David and Josh Inglis who deserve to be in the team more than him. Tim David averages 35 at a strike rate of 160! That is a more than perfect T20 player and yet he isn't even getting in the squad

  8. Love U Test Legend From India 🇮🇳

  9. Hope we'll see you in world cup and IPL ❤️❤️

  10. We BELIEVE in you STEVE SMITH ❤

  11. Smith has become a hero to Sri Lankans😍😍😍

  12. Can bcci do same with kohli.

  13. We miss you so much smudge 🥺. Love you 3000.

  14. All tha best the king ❤️

  15. Cricket Australia destroy s smith t20 career as England destroy joe root career even joe root stats is better in t20. S Smith is experienced player can be save team in any situation in T20. CA plz play him at no. 3

  16. S Smith should play at no. 3 in T20 plz aus board 🙏

  17. Hey i m from India play like nobody watching yo you goat you are the best man

  18. He underestimates his T20 batting too much. He was very good when he started. And then the anchor role was the reason that held him back. That's no longer needed. Him and the world will now know that he's an exceptionally good T20 batsman.

  19. Just stop Smith T20 is not for you step aside and let our young players in

  20. I thought "stop fixing" meant something else at first

  21. Yes he is a match fixer, he is also psycho

  22. Soon Smith will be replaced by Tim David 🎉

  23. Yes let's go 🔥. This will be the year of Smith – the T20 batsman

  24. He is becoming old 33years😭

  25. Chahal be like last last mai mjhe kyuu todhaaa..😄

  26. Smithy my love 🇭🇲💪💛💛

  27. I am from India I like Smith he is a very good batsman ♥️🔥