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Stop speculating about slaying of Amber Guyger witness: Mayor

Joshua Brown, who lived across the hall from Botham Jean, was gunned down in his new apartment complex and police have not yet identified any suspects.



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  1. Is it speculation that Texas police shot a black woman in the last 24 hours, inside her own home because a neighbor called police and said her door was open? IN HER OWN HOME I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Texas is full of sh-t. They killed that witness.

  2. They're covering it up to seem like it was a drug deal gone bad. That's what they want to put out there so he looks like an incredible criminal. The hell?!smgdh

  3. Joshua brown was a known felon and drug dealer. This was a drug deal gone wrong. How is anybody stupid enough to think the Dallas pd had anything to do with it? Must be that systemic racism black people keep lying to themselves about. Lol

  4. there was going to be a civil lawsuit against police and the city.. and josua was going to be a whitness. so now.. he wont be a whitnss. how convenient.

  5. How are you pathological lying devil's gonna tell someone not to speculate? ALL you've done is lie every since you murdered and slaughtered your way onto the North American continent, assumed power and set up shop here. You have absolutely no credibility whatsoever .

  6. Bring in The Feds to investigate. No faith in Dallas PD or the courts.

  7. Blacks have no REAL Power.

  8. Amber Guyger will win her appeal and get off for the murder of Botham Jean.

  9. Fuck the bs we need to start holding them accountable we need to start patrolling the police again when they go on a call we should be right behind with cameras already rolling we live in a world of technology and the eye on the phone don’t lie so as citizens I urge us to be more accountable of police

  10. Hey this looks like it goes up investigate the damn mayor

  11. Only reason Rev Al hasn’t showed up is because his perpetrators were black

  12. Obviously, the cops killed him.

  13. Hey judge… you gonna hug Josh’s killer too?

  14. Don't think for yourselves just listen to the Mayor of Dallas; he knows what is best for everyone! There is no such thing as a Coincidence!

  15. From no motive and no suspects within 3 days coming up with 3 suspects….the pressure was really on

  16. Before he came to Dallas, wasn't Eric Johnson mayor of Amity Island?

  17. Ridiculous!!! This has WHITE SUPREMACY all over it!!! Racism! Corruption!!!

  18. Dallas Police & ABC NEWS 🗣🗣 NEWS FLASH: WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!!! I PRAY that God will expose the truth because we KNOW that you all won’t!!! STOP USING THE SAME OLD TACTIC OF DRUGS WHEN BLACK MEN ARE MURDERED BY COPS!!!!!!!

  19. Nobody drives 6 hours for weed. Also they killed him and left the weed and the money? “Sprinkle some crack on him and let’s get out of here.” Dave Chappelle

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