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Stop the Hate: The rise in violence against Asian Americans

Increasing hate crimes targeting Asian Americans are a silent symptom of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Never seen the media rally to stop the hate against Africans.

  2. There are more rights for Police Officers than Americans today, Black, Asian . *rump and his bullies are responsible for this. Asian people are some of the kindest people I know. I Support Asian Americans STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW

  3. The attacks are not just on Asian American's. Please don't allow Satan to work thru Social Media telling you that only Asian American's are the only victim's. America is 50-50 divided. Every race is part of the Hatred and Division in America. And to blame just one president for this Hatred is pure Hypocrisy.

  4. Tiffany li, let's talk about her. She murdered It's a recent local issue, and how about those the Chinese bunker twins who owned slaves, pics to prove it too. Let's talk about when Asians like Tiffany li murder unarmed black people like the father of her children was, they squeal when being held accountable saying whites get away with it so we should too.

  5. What differences does it make whether a person is "American" or not? Human rights must prevail for everyone.

  6. say no to racism. Back to Feb 2020 when COVID started, an Asian guy who walked in front of me in a Bay Area Bart station was punch in his face by another guy jumping out of no where. A few people including myself backing him up and escorted the victims to the Bart police. This kind of hate crime should NEVER be tolerated against any race.

  7. Who TF is Olivia Munn? She's only half Asian!

  8. America does not deserve Asian immigrants. We work hard, follow all laws, become doctors to help them. We should take our skills elsewhere. I'm sick of this stupid country.

  9. Communist China claims rise of China will make Asians proud. The complete opposite

  10. I HATE being an Asian born in America. I have to get out of here somehow. 🙁

  11. The overconfident brake emotionally wash because curve pivotally correct down a jaded cactus. purring, unhealthy learning

  12. I was so happy to see Trump got banned from the spotlight. Next he should be prosecuted for his courses, even everyway to crimes he used a crown.

  13. thank Trump, the worst bigot of a president in recent history

  14. 1st it was my own race having problems now we have Asian people having problems wtf why even hurt Asian people? They're so nice to people

  15. Asian got so many hates from White, Hispanic and Black.

  16. feel like the same little bits of information stretched out into 52 minutes.

  17. If someone goes to Chinatown, chances are, they're looking for Asians.

  18. Are we just going to ignore how Asians treat foreigners in their own country? This wreaks of political agendas. There's a lot of bigotry towards other nationalities and minorities in the United States from Asians. No big news story about the hate perpetuated for long time in communities Asians have worked within. The media is always looking to create relevance where there is none.

  19. It’s funny how all these young black males attacking Asians, were so influenced by Trump. I didn’t know Trump had so many young fanatics in the black community. I would have figured it was seeing BLM getting away with crime all year long, but it was just Orange Man love!

  20. The Asian American Armed Self Defence Force is actively looking for volunteers who are over the age of 18, preferably with experience in handling firearms. Military or law enforcement vets are strongly encouraged to apply for leadership positions. If you are interested in making a difference, please send me a PM or leave a reply below. Thank you

  21. The only lie the media has pushed is that America is “past racism and hate” because that’s how we got to where we are today. We all expected to go through life in this great country thinking Americans are so advanced in how great we treat each other but is actually no better than the worst third world country, but hey at least we have Hollywood, Wallstreet, and “southern hospitality”…yay. Trump’s success has clearly showed there are more ignorant Americans of all kinds than there are respectful ones. So much for the Bible supposedly having an effect on people. Religion is a status symbol. All BS.

    Don’t let people who say the media is causing more division trick you into thinking that. Those people just want us to go back to be unassuming targets of racism so that we are so unprepared we just accept it.

  22. Did they arrest the person who pushed down the old man?

  23. so the majority has been getting their ass beat by the blacks So now they’re picking on Asians Shameful

  24. "Enough is enough"? That sounds pathetic. DEFEND YOURSELVES!

  25. Being Asian Americans doesn’t mean we don’t experience racism or poverty, sadly some black people actually think that way. Difference is as a whole, we rose up from it

  26. Sooo…. uhhh Asian lives matter? (ALM)

  27. VINCENT CHIN! Look him up

  28. Spreading racism and hatred should be called out as "crimes against humanity"…. it is a source of all evils. We need to start to label such people. Good people need to stand up now and start a movement. Report all racist comments when you see them online and get them banned, this will isolate the racists and take away their power of hate speech. Copy and paste this message everywhere. Like this comment so everyone sees it.

  29. Remember 1/2 of the people in America are Trump supporters.,. it was reported that the virus came from China ,,so stop the hate on President Trump for calling it the China virus, he had a right…. The virus is an attack on America by China for losing the Trade war from A President that finely had the courage to stand up to China..Do I believe China is behind the virus YES….Do i think China needs to be dealt with YES …I do not think America has the courage to do it so now we need to get on one knee and bow our heads to China..Sorry to Asian Americans for being targeted,, but this is what happens when you move to the Devils Mixing bowl….

  30. Minorities never seem to even care or think about how white people have to suffer a watered down quality of life to allow everyone else into our life. We are better than you.

  31. Sorry to see this is happening, but Blacks are similarly treated poorly in China.

  32. Why are there not many reporters of african, indian, latino origin on news channels. Not being racist but there are a lot more asian reporters than there are. News needs to be more diverse

  33. can someone tell me why the downovotes?

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