Strike looms as union workers and auto companies fail to reach deal | ABCNL

ABC News’ Terry Moran is on the ground in Michigan where a strike by the United Auto Workers union is just hours away.

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  1. I have a question!!! How much do the Union Leaders and how much money are they giving away to politicians as well? You push for the CEO and others how much they make. That union may need to consider what they are wasting their money on.

  2. You better stand your ground because in a few years, you will no longer have your jobs, all thanks to democrats, oh that is right, most of you are dumb democrats HA HA. This country is over, flush down the drain. Thank you, democrats. welcome to the new 3rd world country – PISS HOLE USA.

  3. Local 685 here. Let's make history!!! Give us what we deserve. We aren't ready for EVs and we will go broke trying. Bring in hybrids

  4. Soon they will be out of work this car manufacturers will fail. Kind sad many employees don’t understand simple economics. They have so much debt but maybe papi Biden will bailed them out.

  5. I heard Fetterman is going to walk with the striking workers, LOL. I cant wait for this one.

  6. UAW Strike. Because $70,000 for a new truck is just simply not enough.

  7. If you havent murdered then you have that right

  8. Says right to bear arms shall not be infringed

  9. They want 350000 a year when normal people cant afford there cars or trucks now
    The will bankrubt them selves

  10. Let the this year be the end of CEO and boards making all the profits of company. Limit them to 10 times the average pay period!

  11. Fire ALL OF THEM!!! Who do these workers think they are?!!!! Go get another job!!!!!

  12. Union heads are really the only ones coming out ahead these days. The regular workers suffer while Union bosses rob the cookie jar.

  13. Americans will just buy more foreign cars ! idiots there very well paid

  14. When Bernie Sanders is speaking out for your cause then you need to rethink your cause. He believes in some very bad things, like Venezuela

  15. All this comes from Biden’s push for EV’s

  16. FIRE THEM ALL and hire those willing to work

  17. Unions have become parasites that suck the life from motor companies . DOWN WITH AUTO UNIONS

  18. Fire these people and hire people who are willing to work

  19. “Stop complaining and go get another slave position”

  20. Jokes on them. They were planning on cutting staff anyways.

  21. If capitalism works why do we have numerous examples of it not working?

  22. Fire them. Pretty sure there's a lot of people who will take what they're making currently.

  23. More unions will be striking soon, this is just yet another along side oil workers.

  24. Send the plants to Brazil

  25. They want to make what a doctor makes for doing the job a monkey can do.

  26. Selfish, greedy, entitled complainers Luke 3:14 – “be content with your wages.” And if you can’t be content because of your insatiable desire for more and more money and benefits not afforded to others who aren’t in unions, go back to school, get more skills, invent something to help the public, open your own business. Striking is the adult version of toddler temper tantrums.

  27. And I hope they move all the jobs to Mexico. This is no longer a skilled job. It’s a highly automated process that doesn’t require a great deal of expertise. This isn’t 1950…you can’t just be a dumbass with a high school diploma and expect to make an above average salary.

  28. the higher wages (of some union members) goes to union dues (union org and union leaders who have inflated salaries). There are too many lazy and incompetent union members (& too many supervisors) even in government; I would estimate at close to 40%!!! Union members get pay raises based on seniority, not on productivity!!! If they walk out, replace them with foreign workers!

  29. Yes take what is yours we the ppl

  30. I stand with the Unions and Workers, our American government and our "leaders " are absolutely disgusting and vile, they all voted to bail out the automobile industry and gave them billions!! Not one CEO or shareholders passed that money down to help their employees, not one, absolutely disgusting!!! America will fall because of absolute greed, racism and me, me, me attitude! I have stopped voting and will never vote again until we kick these bums out and restart the government the way it was supposed to be, for the people!!

  31. UAW, unions against work!