Stuart Varney: No FBI raid on Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden

FOX Business host Stuart Varney argues the ‘politically weaponized’ Justice Department and FBI are using the power of the state to crush political opponents.

STUART VARNEY: There’s one aspect to the Mar-a-Lago raid that goes unanswered.

Why stick 30 FBI agents onto a former president, yet do nothing with Hillary Clinton, when she was running government documents on her private computer system. 

You’re not supposed to do that, but nothing happened to Hillary. She smashed blackberries with a hammer!

Same with Hunter Biden. No raid on him…no special counsel either.

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  1. No kidding and many men died on her sleeping watch. How does she live with herself? How does she sleep? I will tell you – segreetings entitled greediness.


  3. Seems like if FOX is the only trusty news left on the US.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. The Democrat dictator and his ruling junta won't allow it


  6. They will eventually get raided by we the people.

  7. These are just a few but definitely should be raided. Hunter Biden should be charged and by not doing so shows the country part of the corruption going on and allowed. I'm not a Trump fan but I hope he gets back into office.

  8. Hunter does Jill and joe is ok.. trump all the way

  9. But now something will happen soon 🤣 "Ding Dong The Wicked Witch will varnish soon" 🎶🎶🎶

  10. Fox it appears that you have not accepted the fact that TRUMP is and has always been involved in crimes that he attempted to cover up by STEALING documents to either sell or a political tool . Be a real NEWS ORGANIZATION and STOP allowing your personal love for TRUMP (an insurrectionest , and riot starter against democracy) to continue.

  11. So if 15 archived boxes is the standard, we need to see that same energy towards the Obamas, Clinton's and Bidens

  12. Americans don't like the way Trump has been treated like a criminal. Undecided voters will now vote for Trump. This stunt is right before the midterm election. The Democrats couldn't have helped Trump more if they tried. Trump has been cooperating with the FBI. He has turned over many documents. Regardless of what Washington says, we all see this as political. Trump will have a landslide victory in 2024. The Democrats deserve a trophy for STUPITY.

  13. Every American should be scared these none of the government agencies are trust worthy.

  14. The power of the government linked with the double standard will crush the taxpayers even the ones that voted for this mess.. can you say IRS audits for everyone ?

  15. Of course there was no search warrant conducted on Hillary or Hunter. Never will be. The FBI is the enforcement lap dog of the democrats. For 8 years, Obozo packed the DOJ with his minions and underlings.

  16. Trump being continually investigated literally after his presidency is over yet they wont look at Hillary, Hunter. FBI is a pawn.

  17. Why didnt Trump do anything about Hillary and Hunter? Because hes a brainwashed queef just like all people who identify as repulicans or democrate. Keep playing with your marbles junior, you lost your country back in the 40s and now you do what they taught ya.

  18. FBI has been compromised!!!! Get RID of FBI !!!!!!!!!

  19. Maybe it’s because they aren’t criminals and didn’t try to overthrow our democracy

  20. Curious to see what the FBI will PLANT !!!!!

  21. Yeah Varney! They all are above the law sadly. Is just so ridiculous to heard this adm and msm anchors said "nobody is above the law" knowing is not true. They all hypocrites and liars.

  22. FBI is a democrátic institution, as it looks.

  23. Good way to start a civil war

  24. The Bidens and Clintons are the most conniving and evil corrupt families in the known universe!

  25. Time to change the FBI,s name to KGB, America branch, or American gestapo. The desperation of the democrats is plain for the world to see.

  26. Great true story,book titled-"Cowboy Mafia" 🌿🪴.

  27. Hillary Clinton just put out Gutsy Women -another part of my stolen intellectual property. Where are the raids on democrats in the intellectual property piracy ring?

  28. No raid on Hilary she was PROVEN INNOCENT, lets see how it goes for the MOB BOSS thump. Record everything, SUE

  29. This is the big disaster Skandal of history of America " FBI CORRUPT LAWLESS CRIMINALS ORGANISATION " This is the Jobs from Democrats party lawless Manipulation all American people….

  30. How are the dems getting away with crimes. Why arent republicans doing anything. They have to fighr fire with fire. This turn the cheek is bs. They must the dems be very scared of trump to pull a stunt like this. Karma will get them and the sooner the better.

  31. The fbi is in bed with the democrats that much is clear. Hillary s good criminal buddies in the fbi.still trying to set up
    Trump. Constantly.

  32. i agree the clintons should be imprisoned right along with trump.

  33. Hillary is still living rent free in every Republicans head for the last decade 😁😁😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Lol if Biden supposedly launched the search on trump, then that would mean trump could’ve done the same. The question is why didn’t he launch fbi raids on them when he was president? Can any Republican explain why?

  35. Americans should blame the government, Biden administration! They need investigate their moneys from.

  36. That's right store then we're now fed up with this two tier justice system not just the Republicans Independence and Democrats were all fed up with the fact that why these people and not them.
    Everybody speak up and speak out it's time the time is now let them know.
    You can bet your life there already thinking this was a bad move let them see just how bad

  37. I think Joe is a victim of someone high up having dirt on him and he is being blackmailed. It’s a no wonder he so scattered in his thoughts, he as scared as we are.

  38. Democrats are lies and they corrupt

  39. No need they no their cropped

  40. Hey Hillary where’s the 33000 emails? Total fraud.

  41. Exactly.

    Eliminate the FBI

  42. Not fair. It just sickens me knowing they are getting away with their severely wrong doings.Extremely 10 times worst. Hillary and the Bidens. What's up with this? This is the people's government and we should continue to speak out on this unfair way they've handled their business. These people from this party are twisted. They still have no proof thats why it's taking a long time. I will never vote for a Democrat. After this 6 years no absolute way. They need to be put in their place. Or they will continue to be this way anytime they deal with a republican or republicans. It's horrifying