Wednesday , August 10 2022

Stuart Varney on Biden's 'failed presidency'

FOX Business host Stuart Varney argues it’s Biden’s inflation and will be his recession as prices continue to rise.

STUART VARNEY: The president wants a gas tax holiday. Congress doesn’t seem likely to grant it. 

Within hours of the president’s announcement, opposition rolled in from both sides. 

With razor-thin majorities in the House and Senate, the Democrats have to deliver absolute unity. 

They don’t have it.

Where does that leave the president? He’s falling back on that old stand-by: beat up the oil companies. 

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  1. True, he failed to remove the Talibanis on the Supreme Court before they attacked America. Now we live under Sharia law.

  2. Steal an election pay the karma

  3. Complete. Failure. Of Government. Resign & Get out !

  4. The current problems in this country can be boiled down to one word…


  5. BIDEN led democrats have failed the people and need to be kicked out. Chuck schumer yelling THE WIRLWIND IS COMING so vote Trump November to drain the swamp and finish the wall. MAGA.

  6. The Road to Trump Began With Reaganomics & the Loss of the Middle Class …
    Reaganomics also hurt the middle class by crushing unions, he says. Komlos blamed Democrats, too. Financial deregulation and hyper-globalization under President Clinton accelerated the process of hurting the middle class, according to the economist. "George Bush Jr. continued to pamper the superrich with his tax policies," Komlos says.
    How Reganomics Destroyed Middle Class America – 1824 Words | Studymode
    However, instead of bringing benefit to the U.S. population and the economy, Reaganomics ended up destroying the middle class and America. This is because it led to uneven distribution of wealth, wage disparity, unregulated economic activity, increased deficits and low-end jobs.

  7. I had to retract what I said. I cannot come up with anything respectful regarding this administration.

  8. The right to protest is a good thing, all I want to know is, how are all those thousands and thousands of people able to survive, keep their bills paid, pay for baby sitters etc.
    In other words how are getting the money to survive, most of them are kids who has never had a job???

  9. BIDEN you are Getting Shot Down at Every Turn Huh?

    2000 MULES
    2000 MULES
    2000 MULES
    2000 MULES

  11. Mr Varney Big Failure Boris Johnson 2 By-Elections Tories lost both.Labour won Wakefield.first By-Election win in 10 years.Speaking now to Voters in Wakefield 'Partygate' Tiverton and Honiton.Liberal Democrat overturned a massive Tory Majority at the early hours the Conservative Party Chairman Resigns a Man of Integrity.rumours the 1922 Committee to meet next week again.GBNEWS Journalist held up Campaign Leaflets saying no mention of Labour Leader I checked Tory Leaflets for Wakefield and Tiverton and Honerton No Mention of Boris Johnson.GBNEWS CEO 'ran' Sky News Australia for Mr Murdoch TalkTV Piers Morgan Show losing viewers

  12. I beg the congress do it right this time by clean up our government regardless of their affiliated parties by prosecute all corrupted officials broke their oath to uphold the constitution and democracy. Especially JAIL their mob leader and toxic Don the con, Donald Trump.

  13. Biden a lame duck president

  14. Rigged election fake president.

  15. The Binden presidents is a super freak failure 😳. From top to this bottom.The administration is incomplete 😢.

  16. all Joe Biden`s administration has been able to accomplish since he took office is divisiveness and hatred thru out the country. You can`t run a country purely on lies. this administration spends its days insulting half the population, and favoring the rich elite in the swamp they call the white house.

  17. On the eve of the military operations in Ukraine, Putin gave a speech. In that speech, he called the US the empire of lies. He was referring to US politicians not the American people.

  18. Biden and His cabinet of losers are in for a rude awakening come November.

  19. Biden really has failed at every turn.

    The making up excuses and blaming Russia over and over is getting very old too.

  20. biden is useless and brainless. this man does not deserve to be called president. This guy just deserves to be a clown.

  21. I love when this guy shoots his Guns.

  22. Fox know the average Intelligent American Doesn't believe Mainstream TV.Theres a Mind Melt.

  23. I can understand how Moses felt SMH and on that day were the people started yelling and crying and complaining I understand the story but still it's like dang he didn't even want to do it then he didn't get to go in but he got to see it so sad and the people got to see what they didn't even believe how many times have you heard someone say that's not going to work and then find out oh it Do indeed work if a new scientist comes in with a new development no one wants to listen and the whole time they had the Cure.. if your way isn't working anymore and someone else has a better way try it because nothing else you doin is workin Amen don't be the villain who always wait for everything to become worse then look for the solution Amen it's OK everything will be OK just take a moment please Amen 🙏

  24. Invisible jets stold my long form birth certificate i tucked in my wallet bcz my safe dep box was robbed. It was in my pocket the whole xcept in shwer. I took it there wrapped in plastic. Hundreds of clone theifs all over my home stold it. They took the other also. Had my whole life, i am 80 yrs old live in titusville fla. Stalked my whole life, framing lying on me & my family.

  25. Funny how The Democrat party only want to help Americans when they are worried people might vote them out, we got your number Biden.

  26. Biden and Kamala only wanted the Prez and VP positions for prestige. They have no idea or intention of meeting their mandates. Just go thru the motions and hope everything falls into place.

  27. look at what Biden said to that girl on the campaign this is what he always wanted

  28. He is the Statesman we need so badly !!! Go get ‘em Stu !…….


  30. Biden, What an object failure of Democracy,he caved into the communist agenda

  31. Buy RIOT now, A huge breakout is coming as Institution buying turns with crypto gains on the way. SEMPER FI!

  32. We will always be struggling with reductions and expansions of our money system producing endless cycles of recessions and boom times living under the rule of the private bankers of the Federal Reserve.
    The private bankers of the falsely named Federal Reserve have the power to operate the Re-occurring Easy Money Mortgage Swindle every 10 to 20 years.
    The Sustainable Prosperity Talk Show Channel presents AN ACTION PLAN FOR ESTABLISHING A CITIZEN OWNED MONEY SYSTEM IN THE USA.
    The action plan separates the private bankers from the control of our national money system.
    With a money system update, one dollar will be one dollar among all citizens of the USA including bankers.

  33. The Kremlin's favourite channel

  34. Democrats always pander to the most extreme groups because those are the “most reliable” when it comes to getting votes from me the pandering. In this case, the target of the pandering are black supremacists. Only “extreme” groups will provide the reliability democrats seek. People that think for themselves are just not going to go for one issue alone.

  35. not failed, exactly as his plan

  36. 81 million voted for this……how can they be wrong…..Biden is the best….. RIGHT…..

  37. GOD BLESS JOE BIDEN. Trump left him with this mess, all that free mailbox money

  38. This is eighteen months failed Presidency by Biden and forty years free loading as a career politician with no accountability making more money then career criminals.

  39. preamble | ˈprēˌambəl |
    • Law the introductory part of a statute or deed, stating its purpose, aims, and justification.
    The Preamble to our Constitution
    The Preamble Explained
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    Name one thing the right has done that is Constitutional.

  40. remember folks – it's intentional – think about that

  41. Biden is not failing when he's destroying America he's doing it on purpose that's what your should focus should be on

  42. Let’s see how his fake press manages to hijack the next elections for him considering how clearly he’s demonstrated his failure as a president!

    Will there be another attempt to switch & steal votes via his “dominion” voting machines this time round? I think not, since he’s done a very good job “shooting himself in the foot” by his negative & antiHuman policies to impoverish & poor health Americans, held in a hostage situation….

  43. Failure is too kind Mr Varney Diasaster is more appropriate 😉

  44. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.

  45. He is not our honestly elected president…He is a deep state fraud and a thieving corrupt democrat politician… What are his accomplishments?? I for sure don’t know of any…. Worst prez. In American history… ( HEY MON WANNA BUY A WATCH..)