Stuart Varney on border: If you didn't watch FOX, you wouldn't know there was a crisis

FOX Business host Stuart Varney argues ‘there’s an awful lot of voters’ who will not ignore the border crisis.

STUART VARNEY: If you didn’t watch FOX, you wouldn’t know there’s a monumental crisis on our border. The media just ignores it.

And you know why: the media supports Democrats, and Democrats brought us the border.

Here’s how bad it is.

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  1. the fox channel. nothing new here. when donny dump was president the same crisis was happening and donny did not get crap done about it. dont worry though, he did get a big cash infusion into his pockets, because that is all that scumbag cares about, he cares zero about any of we the 99 percent of u.s. citizens, he works for the top one percent, yes the same one percent that does not pay taxes, imagine that. the migrant crisis has been happening for the last 30 years but leave it to this crap channel to make it all joes fault, its not, fox channel lies to the sheep and the pathetic. dont eat the crap fox feeds you, its not the steak they tell you it is. go joe, it will be nice to have the top one percent start paying some taxes, thanks for trying to control medicine costs, thanks for trying to give us cleaner air, thanks for keeping medicare for the elderly, thanks for not letting the republican gang get rid of social security. keep going joe, its nice to have a president that is actually working for the 99 percent of citizens.

  2. I would bet the rat in the royal orange crime family is Jared. Jared and Tweety have been in constant competition to bag Ivanka.

  3. LIBERTY 2022 ??

    Liberty is to be free and independent

    Without slavery, imprisonment, or loss of right.

    Though bit-by-bit many try to steal it away

    For if they were to take it all at once, we'd fight.

    So protect your liberty that others don't have

    For beside life, there's nothing more precious on Earth.

    Too many have yearned, fought, suffered, and died for it

    And we must never lose sight of what liberty is worth.

    Evil loves to strike liberty from the cheeks of all

    And it's been that way since the beginning of time.

    For a mind that's not allowed to have a free thought

    Becomes but a slave to the masters of mankind.

    It’s not a priest who gives us freedom of religion,

    It’s not a reporter who give us freedom of voice.

    It’s not any judge, lawyer, politician, preacher or teacher

    But the blood of a soldier that has sacrificed by choice.

    By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!

    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  4. These are the Emerald New Deal customers.

  5. Fox..The Sky is falling Network.

  6. Abbott I think we need to add more busses please thank you 😊 no but seriously you need to it's getting crazy down here

  7. America is now turning into a nation of illegal immigrants who will soon rule America….

  8. Exactly correct ….other media have covered up the crises to the American people by being complicit with the Democratic Party. They also keep saying we are not in a Recession and they follow the Rule of Law, more lies and cover ups.

  9. I was told by my parents when I was a child that we have laws for a reason and you don't pick and choose which ones you're going to obey or enforce so why do we have border laws and no one's enforcing them that's how you get chaos in our country and we need to learn a little bit from the governor of Florida if our elected officials aren't going to enforce our laws maybe we should replace them as quick as possible to save our country

  10. The midterm election can't get here soon enough.

  11. Vote Trump November to drain the swamp and finish the wall. USA will be added to Mexico. Impeach Garland for negligence at the boarder.

  12. Right Wingers are behind pushing Immigrants in


  14. Border city Tijuana drug cartels seem to be terrorizing that the border that they believe belongs to them, requiring military action in Mexico. If that doesn't tell someone why controlling the border is in the interest of national security, then it's hopeless. Handing out taxes to pay student debt for useless courses is more important.

  15. This is all thanks to Biden and Harris…

  16. Disgusting what these evil people have done to this once great Country

  17. Executive order # 14067 !!!!

  18. $400. million a Week Sales in USA !!!

  19. Democrats want this! Future census representation.replacement theory is real.

  20. MSM followers will notice too late when they’re personally impacted by crime, terror & fentanyl overdoses. TRUMP ‘24.

  21. "May Ignore It"? With out a doubt they will ! NOT I !!

  22. If you didn’t watch Fox you’d have a sharper mind capable of discerning that the Orange Toddler is a traitor and a criminal.