Wednesday , August 10 2022

Stuart Varney: This is Democrats’ ‘last gasp’

FOX Business host Stuart Varney criticizes Democrats’ latest social spending and tax bill, arguing the Biden team is ‘desperately’ trying to use this to ‘save’ Biden’s presidency. #foxbusiness

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  1. May Ole Joe live to be 100 years old , and has a stroke everyday!

  2. Brittany grinder is living his best life. Hated what America stands for, now enjoy what America has been fighting against. In 9.5 years, we will see if they "Break you"

  3. Just stop spending money we don’t have!

  4. Nevermind Ukraine, fix America 's border.

  5. Because corruption is prevailing rite now and untill they change for the American people the nation will collapse 👽

  6. They weren't going to leave money on the table. I knew it. The parliamentarian said you could have 2 budget reconciliations and they did the first one for American Rescue Pan 1.9 trillion in
    march 21. Oct 1 tis he deadline for another reconciliation. No way. Even though it makes no gosh darn sense it is a mishmash of spending and tax increases.

  7. Joe mansion and Christian Cinema better watch their back because some people might hate them even more Democrats are going to cause riots maybe more

  8. What about all the Americans and our allies left in Afghanistan????? Get them out Now!

  9. Get on your mark get ready and here’s Jesus.

  10. I think its 2 more years off the last one.

  11. These investment are only bound to make slow profit returns in the current market, I've come across a few blogs mentioning investors that generated profit of up to $450,000 in 3months and I'm eager to know what/how I can make such lucrative profit

  12. Too late to save this bufoon administration 🤬🤬🤬

  13. Republicans get their donations from these wealthy corporations. Republicans DO NOT represent 95% of America.

    I hope America will choose Democrats this midterm election

  14. I don't think taking one of those new jobs with the IRS would be a good investment in your future because Donald Trump is just going to dissolve each and every one of them when he's re-elected in 2024. MAGA/TRUMP/2024.

  15. IRS is building an A.I. driven audit system that audits everyone, every year. IRS collects for the interest on USA debt to central banks. This will drive everyone into poverty and slavery. You will own nothing and be happy.

  16. A War ! On account! Send your chidren or

  17. Then answer this how many Democrats have paid down on our debt and how many Republicans have paid on it Republicans have exacerbated our debt and continually blaming it on Democrats when they are all doing it together

  18. Rothschild is your Jesus ok scarfs.

  19. The maddness must stop!! Government has over GROWN ITSELF to a point they are husbant, wife, brother , sister , mom and dad ENOUGH !! THR GOVERNMRNT HAS GONR INSANE!!!!!!

  20. This so-called administration has proven that the Far Left Democrats and their economic, environmental, foreign, and social policies are detrimental to the safety, security, and prosperity of the United States and her citizens.

  21. The basketball player isn't a hostage. She broke the law, and now she has to pay for it. It's sad when RUSSIA has more law and order than the US. I hope she never gets to come back to the US. She hates it anyway, so idk why she's crying now. She made her choices, now she gets to suffer the consequences. So be it.

  22. You keep saying all that like Biden is doing it accidentally, outside of his knowledge, like he is incompetent while in fact he is actively acting as domestic enemy with everyone around him. He may not know it since he's corrupt but how irrelevant is that. January 6 will repeat. Soon.

  23. I'm over the b.s. politics and politicians… Let's every voter boycott the next election, they can't commit crimes if nobody elects them.

  24. Gigantic tax and spend? The tax is about 700 billion over ten years. GDP over those 10 years will be maybe 300 trillion? That is about one fourth of one percent of our economic output. Only Varney would view one fourth of one percent as “massive.” It like the price for his tie increasing from $30 to $30.07. Wow what a massive increase.

  25. He’s a joke… no respects him or listens to him.

  26. FJB, he is worthless and always screws tings up

  27. Total insanity with this administration.

  28. 87,000 IRS agents. That’s the Gestapo hiring 87,000 more storm troopers.


  30. Anyone who would vote Democrat NEEDS to be locked up in a FEMA Camp
    once Trump Returns

  31. 87,000 agents to go after the rich lol there are approx 8,700 rich people left in this country so that is ten full time agents per rich person

  32. Biden and his administration are killing the quality of life in America ,why do the border jumpers want to even come here ???

  33. This bill is dems effort to line their pockets before November election, you know encase they can't get the election fraud team back together.

  34. The last refuge of a banana republic is to rob the people! Signs are on the wall, Bitcoin and I left the country, sadly.

  35. White House is Disastrous

  36. This is hilarious. ( Americans are not Suffering at all ) 98% of Americans are so self-centered and take everything for granted and Rude culture ) Republican Democrat and only care about themselves getting richer and making ridiculousness Bills

  37. Thought Stuart was unto these Dems…they are just building war chests for the evil days coming when they lose power then use the new woke IRS recruits to pursue their enemies & the GOP

  38. It is totally intentional abuse of the people by criminal "government". It is not simply incompetence.