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Student accused of looking for murderer-for-hire via Instagram | ABC News

Nicholas Godfrey, a Florida teenager, allegedly used the social media platform to try and find someone to murder a school staff member.

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  1. Him and that other Florida kid, school shooter, should get together and go bowling sometime.

  2. To bad he's to big to spank!! He needs jail time!!

  3. LOL ! 18 Years Old !!! Life is crazy

  4. what an idiot lock his ass up

  5. What exactly led up to him getting wet up.. lol i know he didnt just saying

  6. What a stiff what a stiff

  7. Which one is a joke; the arrest or the bond amount? Someone who can pay $100,000 bond's is only set for $10,000.

  8. Probably not a good idea but I don't c a conviction for soliciting a murder ,slap him on the head call him stupid and be done with it

  9. He had $100,000 dollars? He got a $10k bound.. He should use the money to just get out 😂😂

  10. spoiled kids.
    I went to a private school in NYC and no joke people like this exist.

  11. Being 18 he is an adult. So what will be, will be, and if he goes to jail for soliciting murder, he goes to jail for soliciting murder, and good luck with getting into any college now, pal. As for children under 18 parents need to be proactive in monitoring their children's activities, including online activities.

  12. Those dumbass oinks should've went in depth to why he was trying to get the teacher maybe they fucked him over and all your blue blooded asses are just covering up like you usually fucking do. # FuckThePolice

  13. the goal of the enemy is to turn us against ourselves. don't let what others say or do affect how you would treat someone else. in the end the president is one person. if one person can make half the population crazy over something like this. imagine if there are more than one out to harm you. wake up. they are turning us against ourselves. don't fall for the trap. repub/ dem. it doesn't matter. what happened to love and kindness. don't be blinded by the hate. they want you to be mad. they want you to be scared. stand strong. Jesus is lord. The only rule that works is the golden rule. every culture and every religion and every natural law is based around it. what you get is what you give. so don't be hateful.that will only make more hate. being loving and understanding will get you more than being defensive and rude. i am just a messenger. the lord God, Jesus is my only king. All will kneel before him.

  14. He had $100,000? Then he was bailed out rather easily for $10,000? Dang, someone’s got money.

  15. Nice, now in prison he will learn how to actually hire a hitman.

  16. He shouldn't have emailed Hillary…

  17. Shows u all how stupid teenagers are in 2019.

  18. Watch out for any nicholas in florida…

  19. Why are these white boys so damn cute and crazy?

  20. How the Fuck does a 18yr get $100,000? Lmao

  21. Are you serious it’s obvious he first wouldn’t have $100,000 and he’s a kid there’s no way he would actually post it on Instagram if you wanted somebody killed you’re crazy


  23. Oh, give me a break, where would this kid get $100,000?

  24. By all means lock him up. People come from Florida don’t seem to get the message

  25. His parents surprised their kid got 6 figures worth of liquid assets

  26. he didnt even try and go on the dark web

  27. This is what happens when kids watch too much breaking bad

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