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Student debt expert: Parents are going to live with their kids’ debt until they die

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with journalist Josh Mitchell about his new book “The Debt Trap: How Student Loans Became a National Catastrophe.”

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  1. I wonder if I should sell my body to pay my debt🤔

  2. All that UNNECESSARY money they were dishing out during the pandemic, a portion could have gone to help students pay their loans. The people completely defrauded the PPL program so a portion of that money could have gone towards student debt as well. Make me president for a day 😎

  3. I dont want to pay off other peoples debt. The very least we can all agree on is the interest rate should be less than 1% and colleges need to be regulated to lower the cost.

  4. Community college is always there.

  5. Parent shouldn’t take out debt for college because it’s not worth it.

  6. 4.2% increase in tuition yearly.

  7. JOIN the military or be in on tolds these smart people to take a loan out for a piece of paper….community college is just as good

  8. All debt in this USERY money scam system is immoral and invalid. Banks have no right to interest and this fiat money is Fake. Al fake as f

  9. Invest just 10% of your earnings, your own hand-picked stocks. You'll realize that you have beaten "Monday blues" for the life.

  10. I’m trading forex, seeing the men times what they will make by the time that paper is signed. It’s crazy how everyone says college college college but aren’t gonna pay!!!!, so I said forget that and found out something that works for me

  11. Politicians do not want smart voters they will never bring down student debt

  12. It's all about responsibility. Education is an investment – down payment with own money or loan and choose the correct major/trade to study. You made the wise investment, you reap the benefits. You made the wrong choice, you are screwed.

  13. Student debt is the responsibility of the student, if we continue to come to young people rescue then they will never learn to stand on there own.

  14. College is so expensive, the return on investment isn’t paying off.

  15. The simple solution is to go to college for free in Europe and leave this imperialist terrorist nation we call the USA

  16. I never co-signed for my children's student loans and I don't believe the government should forgive student Debt

  17. Correct and there is no real opportunities bc the old fucks can’t retire. The world is doomed.

  18. I can't afford to go to highschool, let alone post secondary :/

  19. Better headline: Parents choose to coddle their children by subsidizing their children's lives instead of providing their children with the skills to strike out on their own

  20. Not true. We paid two off. This can be done. Parents whatever loss that you suffer from payments, apply for all public assistance to make it up.

  21. My wife has 40k in student load debt and yet I make more that triple what she does and had zero debt..

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