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Student opens fire on another outside California high school

The victim was hit in the abdomen and then ran into Ridgway High in Santa Rosa; the suspect was captured in a classroom and led out in handcuffs, police said.



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  1. Personal vendetta
    No gangs
    Just plain revenge

  2. California has all those gun laws, and the media doesn't promote racism and violence.

  3. Parents like Fort Hood Texas bart makes stuff like this possible

  4. no matter only usa people always the same !!! the world hates the usa best the whole country is exterminated

  5. Oh wait I thought CA is a strict gun free zone? Guess criminal intent doesn't care about laws or rules. Weird how this individual used a PISTOL…and not that terrifying AR-15.

  6. What BULLSHIT you at ABC spew…

  7. Handgun? Not an AK-47?
    So, are the idiots on the left going to rally around this and blame the gun or ignore it since it was the result of differences between the two students?
    What if its gang related? are the liberals just going to completely ignore it at that point?

  8. Super strict gun laws and he used a handgun.. "ban those fully automatic AR-15s" – every liberal on the planet.

  9. Gene edit evil people they are born evil from god mistake

  10. 60% of Americans on psychiatric pills and they wonder why this s*** happens…. wake up America dumbfucks

  11. If you want to solve the problem of mass shooters you get a big thick rope and you hang Em from the tree in front of the whole neighborhood… guaranteed mass shootings will stop… wake up America

  12. PROZAC KIDS……..
    We can't secure our schools and we can secure our border…

  13. Yes everyone , there are bar people out there. Shocking.

  14. Street shit spilling over into the classroom.

  15. Funny how this is only normal in 'Merica

  16. Again everyone should bear arms and no one would be crazy or at least less would be.

  17. If a stray bullet hits a school, it’s classified as a “school shooting”.
    If someone commits suicide on school property, it’s classified as a “school shooting”.
    If someone shoots a BB gun at school, it’s classified as a “school shooting”.
    This is how the media has convinced you school shootings happen way more often than they actually do. School shooting numbers are fluffed up with these extra stats when a narrative is being pushed.

  18. Morons in the comments nitpicking the title…fr?

  19. Whats the matter, I thought that California had new anti-Gun laws, its all a lie by crimmal political leaders who hate to live by the rule of law!

  20. Why do you change cameras every TWO seconds? Are you brainwashing us? It's hard to watch and I feel distracted all the time.
    Just tell what's happening and leave ONE video – it's more enough to understand what's going on.
    Text, changing cameras, scenes, photos, audio, effects – all that information noise doesn't help at all. That's why people don't watch zombie-TV anymore and invented Internet.
    If you were making a long movie – great. But it seems like you're trying to make three hours movie montage in TWO minutes of news report.

  21. Fires aren't enough you got to go shot people.?

  22. You know Libtards mark any shooting that occurs near a school as a school shooting. Gang-related? Suicide? Doesn't matter. Anything to inflate the numbers and make lib pusscake voters cry.

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