Saturday , July 24 2021
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Study Shows Police Killings Leading Cause Of Death Among Young Men | NBC News Now

New research shows that in America, being killed by a police officer is the sixth leading cause of death for men aged 25-29, and for black men it can be up to 2.5 times more likely. NBC News’ Dasha Burns talks to Asst. Professor at Rutgers University Frank Edwards who is one of the researchers behind the study.
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Study Shows Police Killings Leading Cause Of Death Among Young Men | NBC News Now


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  1. f..g a , like parrots the left repeats this , but where is the actual publication ?

  2. This isn't breaking news for any black man in America. These are facts. Those in the comments trying to convince us otherwise is just laughable.

  3. You have more of a chance of being killed by lightning than killed by police

  4. Wow. It took BLM to get these results? Obviously, sheep are oblivious to police brutality, and Kaps kneeling stance. Geez.. has no one ever attended a public police brutality meeting and seen the injuries or sensed the fear and despair among their innocent victims??

  5. Fake news to push a narrative, the truth is that more white men are killed by police than all other races combined!!!

  6. Leading cause of death among young BLACK men. Every day you hear about another black kid getting shot and killed. Any white kids in there? Nope. Lets face it, the police force is racist.

  7. The country of the Free. LOL!
    – Your chance of getting killed by police is much higher than any other country.
    – Your chance of getting killed is much higher than any other country.
    – The chance of your child being killed at school is much higher than any other country.
    – The number of people in prison is in absolute numbers higher than China with a population 4-5 times as big.
    – The upwards mobility is lower than in any other western democracy.

    Wake up, take your pitch forks and run the oligarchs out of the country!
    Stop voting for the Republican Fascist Party.

  8. Let's just say these stats are true (which I doubt) … That would mean a lot of young men are having run-ins with cops … I'm 35 and have never had an issue with any cops. What this really shows is that a lot of young men are out committing crimes.
    I looked into this a little more and nearly all these shootings (which are far less than this story leads one to believe) happen in Democrat controlled cities and involved drugs and gangs.

  9. Did anyone at NBC do any actual journalism and check this guys source ? Knowing NBC, I highly doubt it…

  10. So…. that Amazon rainforest fire…its still going.

  11. You honestly think that intelligent, informed, non-biased people don't know that this is BS?

  12. Hello, NBC? Losing a shootout with a peace officer is not a 'police killing'. Get your facts straight.

  13. Its funny but I just got pulled over half our ago near midnight. It was the scariest feeling that I've experience. The cop was polite as can be and I was as polite as can be. We communicated well and I handed over my license and registration with out issue. He let me off within 15 mins.

  14. There's so many key data points that's missing. What does the data say about the confrontation that led to the police interacting with members in society? Was there violence? Did the perpetrator have a weapon? Were there threats made to the community at large? Give the report to those that support our law enforcement officials and different numbers will be reported. What is the number of blacks killing other blacks per day? Probably much higher than any contrived number associated with police killings.

  15. The U.S. has long been under a ban on all federal gun violence research. The CDC stopped doing gun violence research when their funding was threatened. It's all very corrupt.

  16. NOT MASS SHOOTERS, just cops day in and day out, UNEDUCATED trigger happy cops.

  17. Study Shows Police Killings Leading Cause Of Death Among Young Men

    Id argue (figuratively speaking that is) the leading cause of death would be their very own choice of lifestyle.


  18. Cops thugs with badges . Get away with murder . Favorite thing for there superiors to say " we didn't find anything the cops did wrong" . Videos audio say another story but yet they deny it . Crooked system goes only one way . Took five years to fire one for murder . But they didn't charge him with murder . Just fired his racist butthole .

  19. The approx 1 million police in the US shoot to death a total of about 1,100 per year usually. In 2018 there was 23 million US males between the ages of 20 and 29. Something doesn't seem right.

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