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Stunned Asian carp leap from Kentucky lake

Hundreds of fish were stunned as biologists work to study the invasive species.

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  1. They could have used another team with nets..#Get every one of them carp..

  2. One day it will be people

  3. Don't eat electrocuted fish. Not good

  4. エンジンウエルダーで…ゲフン…ゲフン…

  5. “ I think we’re going to need a bigger boat..”

  6. The sound that engine produced is so painful to them ,thats why they decided to leave the water

  7. They want to leap from the lake, cause their tired of #MoscowMitch representing them.

  8. Id say its time to do some DEPTH CHARGE fishing! with a case of tnt!

  9. Will they at least be processed for animal food?

  10. So, these fish were DELIBERATELY imported from Asian and tossed into Arkansas' reservoir, and now, because of claimant change, the waters flooded and spilled into the Mississippi…and now everyone wants them eradicated, like man didn't create this mess to begin with.

    Well, score one for nature!

  11. If American's would start eating the carp, there wouldn't be as many left. Make fish tacos and hand them out to the homeless.

  12. Thanks Donald, for doing nothing to end this invasion. Just deregulate everything.

  13. And it was the humans that introduced that shit to its own water supply in the first place fucking assholes rearranging their down ecosystem and then want to complain about the animals

  14. This is not studying fish this is just some morbid motherfukers getting off too shocking a bunch of animals with electricity. there is nothing to study about shocking the shit out of fish. The disgusting sicko mad scientist that are behind this filthy Little Pet Project is on the level with some Nazi shit and can probably be found at one of Epstein's Manhattan orgies with 12 year olds

  15. "I think we're going to need…a bigger boat."

  16. We should do that to all democratic voters

  17. Jesus what a fckn waste of food. God surely will punish this country for wasting food like that. May God's Hand be fierce. May famine strike hard in Kentucky as they eat their own pets for food. UNBELIEVABLE… killing fish that is not their liking. Only in AMERICA

  18. How was ur first day on the job?
    Me: I quit

  19. Those fish aren't dead, just stunned. It's a common method of sampling living populations. One way to make a species extinct in a hurry is to make it valuable. Asian carp are absolutely delicious. As soon as Americans realise that the carp
    will be in trouble.

  20. Disgusting invasive species!


  22. MAy I just say cat food…dog food…

  23. That was an electrifying couple of minutes.

  24. Invasive species are destroying America, especially those that originate south of our border.

  25. Looks like shoveling snow with a spoon. They need a bigger net and boat.

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