‘STUNNING’: Biden ‘trying to hide’ his involvement, Republican warns

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., says ‘it’s all about power’ for Democrats, who want to keep Joe Biden in office. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Obama picked Garland for the supreme court and that was thankfully stopped. And, did Weiss' father commit fraud or take a bribe as an IRS agent and spend time in jail for that?
    So, are these boys getting revenge?
    What teachings in their upbringing have led them to these values?
    Break out the big guy's bank records.

  2. The media needs to do their jobs so the American people can know what’s going on before next election

  3. Thank you, Congresswoman for holding the line for righteousness' sake…

  4. Soo.? A politician who starts out a public servant ends up being a billon ayr. 😢 . Is a crook

    Mark Twain

  5. Hunter is a felon Addicted crack addict with a gun

  6. 1 of 4 UN Warns That We’ve Gone Beyond Global Warming and Into “Global Boiling” July 28, 2023 This news article was published by Futurism El Scorcho With this July on track to be the hottest month ever, the United Nations is warning that we've moved past global warming. And now? We're boiling. "The era of global boiling has arrived,"

  7. 2 of 4 UN Warns That We’ve Gone Beyond Global Warming and Into “Global Boiling” UN secretary-general António Guterres announced today in the wake of scientific confirmation that the past three weeks have been the hottest since temperature record-keeping began, and that July will, "short of a mini-Ice Age," almost certainly be the hottest month ever recorded.

  8. 3 of 4 UN Warns That We’ve Gone Beyond Global Warming and Into “Global Boiling” "Climate change is here," the Portuguese diplomat said. "It is terrifying. And it is just the beginning." In a tweet, Guterres laid it out even more plainly, noting that the "tragic" consequences of climate change are all around us: "children swept away by monsoon rains, families running from the flames (and) workers collapsing in scorching heat." The situation has been inexorably getting worse. Two years ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that July 2021 was, at the time, the hottest month ever — though it appears that 2023 has now surpassed it. Earlier this month, our planet broke and then reset the record for the hottest day every three times in succession as the planet's average temperature teetered up towards 63 degrees Fahrenheit. While that doesn't sound particularly high as temps creep ever upward in much of the United States amid this week's heat wave, it's much higher than July's month long average even a decade ago, which the NOAA recorded as just 60.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

  9. 4 of 4 UN Warns That We’ve Gone Beyond Global Warming and Into “Global Boiling” This record-breaking heat is so intense, in fact, that it's even surprising scientists. "I personally find the magnitude of this record a bit stunning," Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist with the nonprofit Berkeley Earth, told the Guardian. "We don’t see anything analogous in the historical record for the month of July." As with each subsequent warning about climate change, the secretary-general tempered his rhetoric with a faint note of hope. "We can still stop the worst," Guterres said. "But to do so we must turn a year of burning heat into a year of burning ambition."

  10. Legally-elected presi-decent Joe Biden from the White House August 16, 2023, "We've created more jobs in two years than any administration has in a single four year term! I am very proud that unemployment has been below 4% for the longest stretch in over 50 years! We now have more jobs than we did before the panDUMBic. And workers aren't just finding more jobs they're finding better jobs, with higher pay higher and job satisfaction; and unemployment is down and so is inflation. Inflation is now at the lowest point its been in two years. When the Inflation Reduction Act was passed a year ago today inflation pointed out by Nancy was 8.3%; its now down to 3.2%. Its lowest among the world's leading economies! At the same time wages are growing faster than inflation; this matters! When I think climate I think jobs. Since I took office the private sector has announced $240 billion dollars in new clean energy manufacturing investments!” Amen.

  11. Why bother to report all this bs when nothing is ever going to be done

  12. 1of4 The dangerously insane, suicidal, science-denying, Ku Klux RepubliKlan, sadistic, N@zi proState legislature of Georgia; just gave itself the power to remove democratically elected prosecuting District Attorneys! Stated today that these sick pathological-lying, insane AGW-denying, Satanic-anti-abortion minions-of-Satan. Are going to remove Fani Willis from her job prosecuting DJT!

  13. 2of4 Trumpenstein's filthy WASP-skinned genetically-inferior lead, pesticide, and estrogen poisoned I.Q. and sperm-count ZERO monsters.

  14. 3of4 Continue to prove they are a threat to all life on Earth, your family's survival past the year 2060, and our precious democracy.

  15. 4of4 If allowed to remain alive past October 31, 2024. Amen.

  16. there's nothing "stunning" about scumbag Biden hiding, lying, cheating and being exactly the criminal scum of the earth he is.

  17. This means nothing the bidens are way above any laws protected by DOJ-FBI-CIA-IRS the new dictator


  19. If trump gets in power he must jail all corrupt polititions asap.

  20. God loves abortions with honest and fair elections that Jesus Christ says are good. Even better have the mailman pick up your mail-in ballot from your mailbox in non-gerrymandered districts as is done here in Washington. Where we are sane, can still produce sperm and are NOT massively lead-poisoned. Unlike the Democratic-voter-suppressing Ku Klux RepubliKlans whose 401 years of massacres to prevent people from voting IT calls CRT. That it is trying to WHITEwash from history by burning books like the N@zi Kl@nhoes that ya are.

  21. All you're doing is talkin about it takes action

  22. Old Donny Boy is about to be indicted AGAIN! LOCK UP THE ORANGE CLOWN!!!! LOCK HIM UP!!! He's an utter disgrace to the office of the president! I am sure prison will stop him from grabbing people by their genitals!

  23. All fake BS. Stop hunting Hunter and do your jobs. Biden did nothing wrong. Stop trying to frame him for Trumps crimes

  24. I do not understand why any more proof is needed.

  25. Realize the "Dirty cop" Merrick Garland was supposed to become a Supreme court Justice. Imagine that. It's insane. He is as dirty as they come.
    I can't even believe how utterly corrupt and criminal the Democrats are. They constantly do crime openly and they know they won't be charged or the media won't even talk about it. Then the idiot Democrat voters don't even care. Whenever there is talk about Biden crimes, the day after TRUMP got indicted. That is what they do they cover up their own news stories by going after him with the dumbest charges ever. Then they speak about "threat to democracy". Democrats are always the ones that do the crime and corruption they accuse everyone else of doing.

  26. We all know nothing will happen. Democrats are immune to prosecution. They can commit as much crimes as they want. Had it been Trump however they would have lined up 3 impeachments already for this information.

    USA is corrupt to the core, especially the government and shadow government which is basically far too many democrat appointed people in DOJ, FBI etc. All covering or working for Democrats.

  27. How much more evidence do you need? Republicans aren’t going to do anything!
    He has lied time and again. You can hear it and see it. It’s insane to continue to deny it.

  28. Once again Republicans report opinions as facts.

  29. You don't make $20 million dollars without being corrupt!

  30. So terrible democrats party ,DOJ , FBI-trying everything to cover for Biden CRIMENAL FAMILY

  31. Brandon will never be tried for any of this. The moment the $h!t hits the fan, he'll have that competency test everyone has been calling for, and fail, therefore deemed incompetent to stand trial.

  32. What is more alarming is America is probably at war with Russia via Ukraine because of this corruption.

  33. You only use a fake name when you want to send money to your own pocket, but you don't use a fake name to receive money because not all your victims are stupid.🙂

  34. Let’s see the proof!!!

  35. The globalists are doing everything they can to keep power and hurt Trump.

  36. Hiden Biden ! Several decades in office lying to the voters that are easily fooled because they have no critical thinking skills ! 😂

  37. Oh look chinas in charge of Biden . Found the puppet master.

  38. It’s one thing to send letters, stand there and point to this criminal activity, it’s quite another to do something about it. All politicians whether you causing it or not doing anything about it you will all be held accountable

  39. What’s it going to take for Republicans to UNITE and start acting to repel these criminals?

  40. Hochul and NYC have got what they deserve …no sympathy.

  41. She said it, "there is not much we can do"