Thursday , August 11 2022


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00:00 – Intro
01:51 – Allplants Breakfast
02:48 – Greenhouse & Garden Update
08:50 – Cooking With Charlie
12:23 – Kitchen Garden Lunch
19:44 – Flower Arranging
21:04 – Try On Haul
32:44 – Admin, Chores & BBQ Dinner

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  1. Josie I told you before but you can use the baking paper that comes with the puff pastry – also I'd recommend you egg-wash the edges of your puff pastry as it turns so golden and crispy.

  2. I was a bit tempted with the Always pan but I knew it wouldn't keep it's non-stick finish, Lily Pebbles has had her one a few months and showed recently that it's no longer non-stick!

  3. Are you sure that is an Induction hob and not just a ceramic one? I love my Induction hob as it has rapid boil on each one – faster than a kettle! Just a Hotpoint one too – no need to get the over-priced ones!

  4. Can’t wait for the green house to b put up!
    Surprises on the horizon!!!
    Love the dress haul!
    Hugs from Texas

  5. Just the most sincere and geniune content creater. No hard sell, just a super relaxing watch. A really superb souce of amazing infomation on a huge number of interests, gardening, cooking, fashion.

  6. Makes me giggle when Charlie says low GI stands for glucose index. It doesn’t… it’s Glycaemic index

  7. Haha I had no idea what a "corgette" is 😂 so I had to google it 🤦‍♀️ it's a zucchini in American English … lol

  8. Good Morning Jose so wish it was summer here ,but alas its winter full blast the flu has hit Melbourne big time. hence little me feels like sugar lol I have a question do you have a lemon tree ? here its a must ,as for your videos they bring sunshine into my day Hugs xo

  9. We’re on hols in North Norfolk and it’s pea tops on dishes – tip for Charlie?

  10. All the dresses are all very nice on you

  11. Lovely content. Love the vege dress but sold out in my size. I hope they restock this dress. Do you ever stuff and eat the squash blossoms? Yum! I would love a Hartley greenhouse. Maybe some day.

  12. Wow the dresses are beautiful the oranges and the last couple.

  13. Seriously why don't you and Charlie write a book on cooking and gardens.

  14. Josie could you please send me suggestions to keep away pets from garden hope you will give me a nice answer have a nice day

  15. Wow that vlog is so beautiful 👏👏👏

  16. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist here from the US! Charlie, I whole-heartedly approve of your lunch, glad to see your portion is hearty since you are such an avid exerciser! Way to garnish, Josie, always elevates a meal. The only nutrient it may be slightly low in is calcium – and as Charlie mentioned, some spinach would help, or try sesame seeds! Most important – eat SLOWLY, with gratitude. All the love and health – Joy

  17. The Always ovenware set doesn't ship to the USA?

  18. That polka dotfabric of the second and last dress is called Dotted Swiss….. lovely dresses

  19. The best here,so amazing video❣you very king

  20. Your garden is amazing…how many gardeners do you have? How wonderful to pick one’s own vegetables…,I love it too. And fruit too.

  21. I instantly feel so relaxed 😌 this video was a perfect way to make my day!thank you Josie😘

  22. Yea, Miss Josie! I have started to watch your video, so many times I lost count, and finally got to finished! Whew! First, loved it and all your content. Second, finally got my "Our Place" cast iron skillet (in GREEN…so beautiful!!) and we love it. Looking forward to seeing your greenhouse….etc. I tell all my little "Southern Bell" gals (little means "younger" in the South) to watch your Channel. 🥰

  23. What a wonderful vlog 🥰

  24. Having to 'harvest' some bits for lunch…… who would have thought it???????

  25. My favourite dresses number 3, 4, 6.

  26. So nice vlogs 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  27. Hi Josie you and Charlie are such good cooks. Everything you both make looks delicious. Love your kitchen garden so full of beautiful vegetables. All those dresses were gorgeous and looked lovely on you. Enjoy your trip. 💖💙

  28. Charlie loved what you cooked 👌. The healthy foods are most simple to cook. As an alternative to rice, I us organic pasta from Marks and Spencer’s and mix the salmon in 💖

  29. I can’t find link for collaboration..? Also can’t see collaboration on h&m