Thursday , August 11 2022


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What I’m Wearing:
Floral dress (similar) –
Omega jewellery –

Soru earrings –
Soru ring –
Seraphina blush maxi dress –

Floral robe –

Maxi dress –

SKIN + ME – Use code JOSIE6 to get your first month for £3.50 – usually £23.50 ~

Heatless curler –
Amazon heatless curler –

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Currentbody LED eye mask –
Currentbody eye cream –
Clarins bronzers –
Shiseido foundation – [USE CODE JOSIE FOR 20% OFF LOOKFANTASTIC]

Wella Color Motion+ Shampoo –
Wella hair oil –
Lotion spray –
Goji berry mask –
Oil reflection mask –

Soru 1st flower ring –
Soru 2nd flower ring –
Soru flower earrings –
Soru drop earrings –


Dorothy Perkins blue floral dress –
DP Stud Sandals – Pink Floral dress – Bright Green Dress – Yellow Dress –
Raffia Mules –
Twisted Raffia Mules –
Straw hat –
Amazon shirt dress –
Debenhams Deep green wrap dress –’s Child broderie dress –
Holland Cooper dress –
Debenhams Halter Neck dress – Blue Dress –

00:00 – Intro
02:50 – Deliveries
08:45 – New Bedding
10:50 – OOTN
11:50 – Dinner
12:45 – Skincare Routine
19:36 – In The Garden
22:06 – Family Gathering

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  1. Hi Josie! Would you mind sharing where you bought the cardigans at the very end? I didn’t see them linked. I’ve been searching for a white cardigan and the ones you tried on were perfect! Thanks!

  2. Love this vlog. I really enjoy your garden and love your choices of garden furniture. You and Charlie have planned the garden well 💫

  3. You did not do a new car tour? PROBABLY for security reasons, Ask S S channel how to do it as she did a whole vlog on her cars. when ever she picks one up. Ask CI for advice.

  4. I just went and purchased the DP Floral white dress, the Blue and white dress and another two dresses while I was there, lol, I live in New Zealand and I can't wait to wear them this summer, Thank You Josie! xx

  5. Josie I know it’s suppose to be a heatless way to curl your hair but if in a hurry I have used the sausage then use a hairdryer to heat the curls then either leave to cool down or turn the hairdryer to the cool setting and cool down that way x

  6. Love the very different style dresses. Love the crocodile Dundee dress. Not crazy about the green.

  7. Hi Josie, the figure hugging and halter dresses are stunning on you! You definitely need to gravitate toward those styles as they are so flattering on you. You are still so young and can wear the other type of what you called “ floaty dresses” at any time later! What is the ‘perfect ‘ body anyway? Young girls need to learn that highlighting your best is the way to go! ❤️🇨🇦

  8. You are always so lovely…but you are just utterly heavenly BEAUTIFUL in your garden ❤

  9. Josie you have amazing figure,you look beautiful in everything❤️

  10. JOSIE! The white fitted number looks great on you! Defo need to wear more fitted dresses as you have the figure for it… if I had your figure I wouldn't wear clothes! Id be naked, all the time… And if you don't mind me saying, it actually knocks years off you!!! Forget creams, Botox and spf, just throw on a fitted midi and wow! Instantly 10yrs younger… sexy but elegant and glamorous all at the same time! No country grandma style here when wearing that! I bet Charlies eyes popped out his head…. swit swoo….

  11. Such lovely dresses. The blue floral is beautiful. It has much more depth and interest than all of the sage-y green that is so popular and everyone is wearing now. Though the kelly green and white is very pretty as well. Here in the US we say Fed-DOR-ah. They were very popular for men many years ago. You look beautiful and your figure is gorgeous in the Holland Cooper dress (and in all of your dresses).

  12. fyi the blue and white dress looks amazing on you!! Blue is your color maybe even more than green!! Also your hair looks lovely straight too!!

  13. Love the tiny bee pattern on the linens and so many other things too.

  14. Your comments about radio announcers talking to no one like your vlogging is kinda funny I felt the same when I was starting training as at radio announcer It felt weird talking to yourself in a empty studio I got over it by reading the paper or a book into the mic when I was training kinda helped the focus but was and is always a weird feeling. Might be easier for more extroverts but introverts it takes a bit of practice.

  15. Josie, you look stunning in that white body dress. You have the perfect body for a dress like that. You look stunning 🥰

  16. The blue & white Dorothy Perkins dress looks stunning on you as well as the green one 😍

  17. Pink skies at night means sailers delight 😀

  18. Just lovely Josie. Loving all the dresses. Your garden is so beautiful. 😊❤️🇨🇦

  19. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 68 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 ❤ 🎀 ❤ 🎀 ❤ 🎀

  20. The blue/white combo was my favourite dress. Really compliments your colouring, Josie.

  21. So love the dresses so beautiful ,as I think I said love fashion its my life, I am a Fashion designer . I am running behind the eight ball this morning I can't believe its 10.20am already bad me. time to be productive, my husband works from home still ,this is funny he has a sign on his study door , that says from 9am till I knock off I don't exist lol Hugs xo

  22. I love that you don’t jump around products every other video, it shows trust and integrity for me as a viewer and small creator. I will try the skin & me gorgeous 🤍