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Sunisa Lee extends US gymnastics streak with all-around gold medal

Plus, athletes speak out in support of Simone Biles and the U.S. women’s soccer team faces a tough road ahead.

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  1. Heard the ratings are abymal, much like fake news media…

  2. She deserves it, and as she did it for the Hmong community and her family
    It makes me happy! I am Hmong myself, and I'm really proud of her!


  4. true American athlete. not a quitter.

  5. What a shame that she`S trying to cover her Hmong descent with her name change and her inappropriate behavior. She spits in our faces, we should spit back!

  6. American Suni Lee…on a roll!!

  7. This young lady is an example !!!!

  8. wow that reporter is stunningly beautiful

  9. Why do you need to say that!

  10. We proud of you we love all of you USA Team Sunisa Lee did a good job

  11. Americkkk the other female should’ve won not the Asian this is amerikkka

  12. Sunisa lee won hearts. Congratulation to you for this remarkable achievement. 😘😘😘

  13. Great job sister for proudly represent the Hmong community and team USA!

  14. I feel like she’s trying to show up Simone biles. If she had decency she would share the gold metal with biles. It’s only because of Simone courage that Lee even won gold

  15. Suni you are the best!! I admire the way you stepped up to the challenge and was so brave compared to your teammate. More success to you Suni!

  16. Wow Suni OK 👍👏👏👏

  17. The overwrought cirrus distinctively trade because candle unknowingly punch apud a cloudy icon. finicky, ethereal tulip

  18. At around 1:57, it was mentioned that her (Hmong) "community in Singapore".

    I'm a Singaporean and no, Singaporeans are not of Hmong origin..

  19. I am so so SO proud of Suni ! she def deserves it and has made history amongst Hmong American women ! for her to go out and do what she does at only 18 is so impressive, amazing talent. but was it really necessary to talk about Simone Biles ? she had her reasons on why she didn't compete and for you to say that for the US gymnastics team to bring home a gold medal without Simone Biles is just foul. Those girls who chosen for that team for a reason bc they have great talent and major success. Simone Biles is amazing and so talented but do not bring her up while were trying to celebrate someone else's accomplishments. its just disrespectful and unnecessary. right now were trying to congratulate Suni for her job well done, we should keep the focus off Simone a little bit so she doesn't feel overwhelmed or pressured while she battling mental health ! thank you !

  20. She needs to go to an Ivy, she is a gold medalist. Standford, Harvard, Columbia give this girl a scholarship!

  21. The teenagers are killing at the Olympics!

  22. I'm hmong I love all hmong.

  23. Went there to win win win GOLD and she deserves it for being strong and committed to her sport, self/family, het country and to her people who love her greatly!! Very proud of this young true Olympian!!

  24. Can the news report without any mention of Biles…really stupid. Need to recognize Sunisa Lee and her teammates' accomplishments.

  25. So proud of you! You are a great warrior for USA.

  26. So Simone stepped aside so that the Chinese girl could step up.

  27. Also this reporter lady sounds high af.

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