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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5720 Incline Slide Rower

Build endurance, feel great and look your best with the SF-RW5720 Incline Slide Rower by Sunny Health and Fitness. This dynamic rower works with your body and inclines as you row in one fluid motion. The sturdy steel construction supports 350 lbs while the fully padded seat keeps the user comfortable. The aluminum slide rail length measures at almost 30 inches in length giving you a smooth and silent ride as you push your legs back engaging quad and calve muscles. This compact rowing machine is built with five levels of incline allowing a versatile yet challenging full body workout. While rowing the rail lifts with your body to create a dynamic motion giving you an effective ab and leg workout. Strap into the pivoting foot pedals and propel your legs back while engaging your upper body with the dual handlebars giving you an authentic rowing experience. Easily maneuver the machine from various rooms with the transportation wheels and completely fold the rowing machine for easy storage. Track all your progress on the easy to read, digital monitor which displays your time, calories burned, and total count. Compact and lightweight (39 lbs) this dynamic rower constructed to give you an incredible quad and arm workout. Dimensions: 55L X 22W X 18H. Stop wishing and start doing with the SF-RW5720 Incline Slide Rower – the rowing machine built for the results you want.

Learn more: https://sunnyhealthfitness.com/product/sunny-health-fitness-incline-slide-heavy-duty-compact-rower/

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  1. I recently purchased this item, and I have no connection with the manufacturer or any seller of this machine. The unique design and quality of material were strong influences …in addition to it's having no hydraulic cylinders, springs, or cables for resistance; Simplicity should produce durability. You absolutely can get a good workout on this machine. But the movements are different than traditional rowers.
    It will quickly become obvious that you must not lose your grip on the levers, because the force of your weight will drive them down, quickly and hard. I say that just as a caution. It's EASY to maintain your grip, and I have never lost control.
    Assembly was a simple process not taking much time. My only issue is that , although it can be stored upright, you must lean it against something for support. The tips of the foot pads are too long and prevent the unit from standing on its own. It would seem to be an easy problem to solve. I might cut the tips off to solve the problem (a minor problem for most). It remains to be seen whether the stresses on the rollers and arm joints will cause a failure. But it is very well made, and I'm optimistic about its long-term durability.
    Because of its effectiveness as an exercise for multiple muscle groups, and its overall quality of build, I think it's a good value, So, at this point, I would recommend it.

  2. Come poter acquistare il prodotto

  3. Come acquistare il vogatore

  4. i kinda wish i got this instead i have the row and ride

  5. Plus ive only found 1 work out video?

  6. Not impressed ! Its harder than it looks probably wouldnt of bought this model if i had a chance to try it out first

  7. I must be doing this wrong… I just got this machine a few days ago and I am not fit at all but I don't feel it working on my stomach or arms OR legs? I'm sure I'm probably doing it wrong but seriously, it's just like sliding up and down a slide with no resistance at all? What am I doing wrong?

  8. Wish there were more videos than just this.
    Ordered mine today though

  9. Why isn't this for sale in UK dammit!!!

  10. Is this a good full body workout for someone semi in shape , does it really challenge you and get you in better shape over all ? I'm looking around for a good not to expensive sturdy and durable machine, is this it ? Those who have purchase it and use it for a while input would be very appreciate ! 😀

  11. Just got one and it's honestly one of the most intense full body workout machines I've used. It is a bit awkward for some short as obviously the girl in video is taller since the row handles go way above my wife's head when she is on the upswing

  12. Hi .When will this be available on amazon? 🙂

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