Wednesday , August 10 2022

Supreme Court abortion ruling cemented by these two people: Byron York

Fox News contributor Byron York and ‘Cut to the Chase’ podcast host Laura Curran debate the constitutionality of the Supreme Court abortion decision on ‘WSJ at Large.’ #foxbusiness #wsjatlarge

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  2. The second amendment is a constitutional RIGHT, that "shall not be infringed" Abortion is NOT a constitutional right. No contradiction at all. In 73 the SCOTUS created a constitutional RIGHT, from the bench, it doesn't have the authority to do that. States have no authority to supersede a constitutional right! Not rocket science …States like NY, California, Oregon, etc. can legislate the killing of the unborn at any time and for any reason, with no interference from the high court.

  3. You fools have the right to stop getting pregnant!

  4. There was no contradiction in the courts 2nd Amendment is explicitly in the constitution abortion is not in any way shape or form!!

  5. The decision is the right decision , the first one was the wrong choice. They just turned the choice back to each state where it should have been all along.

  6. To bad we can't abort pro abortionist ! On demand and with out apology!

  7. The biggest mistake of the supreme Court judges is they allow a dementia ridden old man to remain president and a vice idiot president to remain in office after grave failures of office & a alcoholic Pelosi to serve without treatment it's called Denial

  8. bidden is wrong in Oregon nothing changes abortion is still legal here witch is good

  9. Lmao this lady is clueless and purely emotionally speaking.

  10. And no one is responsible enough to use birth control?

  11. I’m glad the point about the right to keep and bear arms being written in the constitution vs the right to take a life not being written in the constitution was made. Abortion needs to be properly debated so that the people can decide the best legal course for Americans.

  12. The Supreme Court is nothing but a bought and paid for Political scam. The church is not supposed to have a role in government. The justices involved in taking the Constitutional privacy rights away from women are liars and thieves serving their own Political interests. There needs to be an Impeachment hearing for the justices who are involved in stealing women's rights. This is not over!!  We know you're coming after everything else America stands for, like Inclusiveness. You do not have entitlement over a women's body! Leaving a women's privacy rights up to the states is an even bigger Human Rights violation.

  13. Killing Babies is not a right, NOT in constitution….

  14. they say, burn a redstate church, go to heaven! …………is that true???

  15. the people have the control now if they want abortions that bad then vote for it in your state
    this just proves to me the people that live in red states
    the majority don't want abortions so if your NOT happy go to a state that allows it it's that simple

  16. Deuteronomy 30:19 CHOOSE LIFE Case Closed.

  17. Who’s the goon lady? Rights to bear arms IS IN THE CONSTITUTION ABORTION IS NOT. Where rock did this chick crawl out from under? Lol

  18. It is time to rethink the abortion. It was a bad law to begin with. Science has progressed significantly since this law was made related to birth control and prenatal care.What we now know sheds light on how barbaric this practice is.

  19. There is no contradiction in law between abortion and gun ownership, there is no constitutional right to an abortion, there is to own a gun, no contradiction at all, one is a constitutional right one is a political matter.

  20. Then your contradiction is wrong. Thank you for correcting her

  21. you always see the same idiots out protesting, AOC, maxcine Watters and some idiot from either channels 4, 7, and 2 in L.A.

  22. abortion is not a constitutional right.

  23. Cemented by Mitch Connell and Trump

  24. The Supreme Court message is clear! First gun ownership reinforced. Next abortion back in the States hands. So plainly pro-abortionist need to get a gun and abort themselves.

  25. This stupid woman doesn't even understand the Constitution!