Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Arguments On Biden’s Student Loan Relief Plan

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a case challenging the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan, but the program will remain on hold until the case is heard in February. NBC News’ Danny Cevallos breaks down why some states have blocked the plan and how each side could argue their case. 

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  1. If Biden doesn’t make this happen Democrats will lose 2024. Is what it is.

  2. Why the F should taxpayers be on the hook for Democrats buying votes with our money?

    GTFOH Biden! Same goes for Reparations too! Not with our money!

  3. Armed with an IQ above 70 and a 8th grade civics class one knows that such spending has to start in the House, then has to go to the Senate, then the President gets to sign or veto it. You have to be a severely mentally diabled person to believe a President can do this all on their own.

  4. It is selfish and in its' root evil to think "If I can't have my loans forgiven then you can't have yours forgiven either" Unfortunately , this is how many people who have paid off their loans think. Let Biden help those whom he can help and take the evil out of your system. Go Biden!

  5. at least student debt bailouts are nothing like salami sliced subprime remortgage repackaging

  6. The only ones who care about student loans are boomers. They had everything handed to them and are the cancer of the US.

  7. The extremist six Republican appointees need to recuse themselves from this case. Five are ILLEGITIMATE, Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett were appointed by losers of the popular vote. They are ILLEGITIMATE, and the entire extremist six Republican appointees have shown they are corrupt political activists and extremist Republican hacks who are nothing but politicians in robes! TOTAL reform of the Supreme Court in 2023 is needed.

  8. After 2008 the Government pushed Education was the way to rebuild America create jobs that were in demand .Well a lot of us took the bait it was and is a scam.Forget Student loans it was a scam from the word go .Education is a Joke just look at the Ivy league grads in Washingtoon.Oh wait they did make money our money.

  9. Only Republicans would sue to stop this program. Republicans are all about take it away from you. The Republicans are evil people that do not believe in advancing American Society. All they want to do is take us back into the Dark Ages.

  10. Most people dont go to school because they cant afford it. So the people that went to school and want me to pay for it are literally trying to extort the American people. Unless you served in the military you can pay for your own school.

  11. "Equal Justice under Law" 😊 ,
    "Nulla poena sine Legui" 🙂 ,
    "Durra Lex , sed Lex" 🙂 ,
    "Lex posterior , deroguat , Legui priori" 🙂 ,
    "A person is presyumed innoscent ( apart Miloshevich who is presyumed GUILTY always ) Till his guilt is proven in a Court of Law ( Apart From Miloshevich convicted by Rus Gen Reshetnikov many years ago ) . 🙂

  12. Now that we know the far right SCOTUSs can be bought, as seen with the $30 million spent on judges to overturn Roe v Wade, there is little doubt those companies with financial interest in preventing student loan relief wont be making it rain for the right wing judges. So odds are the alt right scotus will rule against helping American people.

  13. Mr. Danny Cevallos you explain well. Thank you. I was confused and at the end I hope the bill to go through as Mr. President planned. I couldn’t afford to send my son to college and he has to work hard to pay his way to school and still going … It has been over 7 years struggling for him try to finish the college.

  14. Democrats voters got duped by their president for votes 😂😂 even pelosi said the president cant cancel loans. You liveral dem voters are so gullible

  15. SCOTUS is far-right, now afraid BLUE impact in '24.

  16. My life is totally changed because I've been earning $43k returns from my $9,500 investment

  17. People did you know NBC termed or suspended a reporter for reporting the truth about pelosi? They even retracted the story as they didnt want Americans to hear the truth. I guess they will decide what truth will be reported. Smells like socialism. America is aware of you NBC

  18. Unconstitutional he doesn’t have the power

  19. Biden knew he did not have the power to forgive student loan debt , only Congress has that power. The old SOB thinks he's King !! They deliberately lied to all those young people to get their votes just like the Democrats have done for years to minorities to get their votes and never kept their promises !!!!

  20. Who takes the Biden administration seriously

  21. He lied to the public knowing this was unconstitutional the whole time to trick people into voting for him, and it worked. end of story. learn your lesson.

  22. I owe students loans and I don't even want this to pass, it's idiotic

  23. My body is a temple, Therefor I am a church and do not have to pay taxes to support this unconstitutional nonsense. Respect my identity!

  24. Even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the administration, the IRS (and state tax agencies) will not be so kind to those whose student loans have been forgiven.

  25. Biden and Kamala for prison

  26. They're going to allow it to happen, they aren't imbeciles. It's not a partisan issue. He clearly has the power to forgive the debt, which isn't spending money as some rubes suggest.

  27. Here I thought it was a done deal, oh that was before the election. I wonder how many ballots the democ rats got for his deception.

  28. 👆 – FREE VIRT GIRLS CHAT 🥰👄o💥

  29. Do not be envious of other people's blessing and debt forgiveness and mercy. We are all blessed differently and can't the United States be generous to its own people? When you signed up for student loan you agreed to pay a certain amount in exchange for an education. Now, why can't the state be generous to those who have lived most of their lives less fortunate. I tell you, the first will be the last, and the last will be first.