Monday , January 18 2021
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Supreme Court Blocks Trump Bid To End Protections For Dreamers | NBC News NOW

In a surprise 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program cannot be shut down because the Trump administration did not give an adequate justification for deporting the Dreamers and ending the program.
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Supreme Court Blocks Trump Bid To End Protections For Dreamers | NBC News NOW


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  1. They just gave him power to start deporting and without any kinds of hearings 💯🇺🇸

  2. ahh nbc poster child nazi pelosi… go

  3. This country has laws. Thier parents put them in this situation, and they do not need to be given citizenship or anything else but deportation. Why does the taxpayer have to foot the bill for them? If you socialists live them so much, you pay all thier bills out of your pocket

  4. Pelosi is delusional. Look, what they want they are going to get. They are all on their last legs, too old to last much longer. That's why this is all going on. Their time is limited now so they are in a rush to get their job done. It happens each time before elections; it's all fake and setup.

  5. Why is tha th dude running for president

  6. Everytime i see joe biden and im indiginous when he say where in the battle for the souls of this this nation i think about them kids that they never found while he was in the white house that they never found

  7. If any media keep lying to the public should be tried also for treason for not reporting the truth thus supporting a coupe. Why isnt hillary in court why did george die right after she decided not to. Hmmm black lives matter when fed idectments being served huh hillary joey on epstejn list we read it so why that being reported. Ask joe about the hundreds of kids that came up missing they never found but we suppose to trust him with national security report that

  8. Oh yea theyre illegal immagrants thats ur using for votes with a promise to get work reguardless of the legal route to ensure theyre position. Isnt that democratic quick pro quo. Maybe they should investigate where they are coming from and how those arangements are set up. Cause somebodys been cheating for a long time

  9. Somebody wants impeachment cuz they dont want to go to jail

  10. Tell the truth the dreamers are illegal immigrants the demacrats bring in to count as illigal votes who arent actual citizens taking away the power of the black vote who are waking up and see the lies you wont expose. Youre using the importation thus illigal votes to sway voting and thats treason

  11. What has this world come to. Dreamers go 🏡

  12. Forget about any meaningful legislation on police reform as long as Mitch is in power. Anything Mitch passes will be toothless and too little.

  13. You never do the laws for them .Stop looking for pretext Nancy Pelosi

  14. How about expediting immigration for people like my fiancee, instead of having us wait years on end! 😡

  15. Send them ALL back to their homeland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SADLY the building of THE WALL is about 60 YEARS TOO LATE ……… they are here and Re-populating OUR country !!!!!

  16. Now the entire daca program is illegal and unconstitutional from day one, and the parties that created this did not present it to the citizens now those parties know that they are giving aide and comfort to the enemy and should wake up one morning in Gitmo and be confined indefinitely.

  17. What's the big deal with DACA? Did Trump invest in a company that builds kid cages?

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