Wednesday , August 10 2022

Supreme Court Breaches Separation Between Church And State In New Ruling

The Supreme Court is breaking down the barrier between church and state in their latest ruling. Maine gives taxpayer money to families who live in areas that don’t have public high schools, but that public money is banned from being used in schools that offer religious instruction. In a six to three decision, the Supreme Court ruled that this is religious discrimination.

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  1. Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, was killed for his belief of an "absolute separation of church and state" his belief that "no church or church school is granted any public funds." His own church had him killed. The Catholic church is a church/state, America is now also a church/ state. The handwriting is on the wall for America.

  2. But they are allowed to break laws.

  3. What I notice with Americans no matter what you do they’re never satisfied,you can only do so much,don’t care what you can only get so much done in four years,then if people in your own party voting against what needs to be done for Americans,what can that president do

  4. Public money should not pay for religious schools


  6. Great ruling by the Supreme Court.

  7. daelworld without further

    When a great leader leads a platform, program, group, wrong, deceit, lie, and against the law, that platform is false. And that group is false, and I should have been released according to the law a long time ago, and in absolute freedom. I was deciding .Mr. Aramm is wrong and he must pay the price in front of the people and explain who he supported and what were the behind-the-scenes interests that he is willing to do this dirty thing and wants to deceive the Senate of a country. If you commit such a crime, what do you expect others to do wrongInstead of procrastinating and apologizing to me and my lost right, please save me from this virtual captivity and prison and give me my money, which is my legal and human right, and every day I expect a severe blow to It's my mother and my children .And in the next degree, betrayal of those whom I was bound to serve, that is, your whole family in the world. Please stop being stubborn and selfish and do not stop me .I live in the hearts of the people and you can not stop this roaring flood. All frames are broken and it gets worse than it is now until you have the best decisionCry and be with people Being with people means love means friendship and having peace together.

  8. This is the most important day in history that protects the unborn and their rights to life. God is more powerful than Satan and today is God's victory over Satan has finally come to fruition. This slaughterhouse nation – backed by Planned Parenthood – has murdered 60 million babies for 50 years – people who could have been our leaders, scientists, teachers, doctors and contributors to society. With today's victorious ruling we finally bring everyone back to their senses and fight for the freedom to live not die by a planned parenthood butcher. The slaughter of our nation has gone on too long and all the femi-nazis have drunk Satan's Jim Jones Koolaid convincing them abortion is health care which is a lie – abortion/murder is good which is a lie. The Aztec and Myan civilizations use to throw their babies into boiling oil to sacrifice them to Satan – abortion is the same ritual to honor Satan and now it has come to an end. PRAISE GOD


  10. “I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

    ― Ronald Reagan

  11. Nice biased heading you pieces of filth.

  12. The fascist theocracy. More guns and god and less rights for woman , no wonder Jesus is not coming back.

  13. So i can get funding for my school im opening on satanism? Cool!

  14. Separation of Church and State was actually to keep the government out of religion.

  15. What happened to In God We Trust it is printed in our dollar bills nothing comes in this country before God it's why we are what we are

  16. Absolutely religious discrimination this country is built by Christian values and we will uphold those values as we respect other religions that come to our country that we built with our values

  17. This court has been the only branch of government that has done it's job and protected citizens.

  18. End Religious Tyranny!

  19. Atheism is a religion, it's God goes by the name of Blind Chance and they worship it with zeal. To support one religion while discriminating the other is a violation of the Constitution.

  20. 🇺🇸 Trump 2024 🇺🇸

  21. That's in government, not education. If any schools shouldn't get public money it should be charter skools.

  22. Really religion now huh

  23. Thank you so much Dr OSABA on YouTube for your natural remedies which cured my herpes virus.

  24. Conservatives: Yay more guns and the state can play favorites with religious schools now.

    Supreme Court carves a hunk out of Miranda Rights.

    Conservatives: There's no way this will end badly. I mean, that only affects people I don't like right?


  25. The problem with the headline is it was concocted by overtly political soulless spiritually lost person(s) who rebel against anything related to believers in Jesus.

  26. This court is the Supremacist Court. Pure trash.

  27. Biased Title…. Mass media cannot be trusted

  28. Fun fact: the phrase “separation of church and state” isn’t even in the Constitution.

  29. Wow headline is a complete opinion that doesn't really follow the storyline. It's not a story about separation of church and state AT ALL it's about whether or not the state can discriminate against where taxpayers spend educational program money. NBC ISN'T EVEN PRETENDING TO BE UNBIASED ANYMORE. ZERO INTEGRITY 🤦😢

  30. Trumps lackeys are doing his bidding .

  31. This country was founded on the principles of separation of church and state.