Thursday , August 11 2022

Supreme Court decision ‘a crisis moment in our history’: Rep. Debbie Dingell

ABC News’ Trevor Ault spoke with Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell of MIchigan about the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade as abortion is soon to be restricted in half the United States.

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  1. If something is unconstitutional it cannot be enshrined into law. Congress has a set of enumerated powers, not Unlimited powers.

  2. ⚠️This case is not as troubling (given that this country will follow the lead of other countries that legalized abortion by legislations) compared to what the court did this week in other cases (1) Gun safety laws in NY. They stroke down a law in pleading stages before ful trial in lower courts. They sat up a very shady and terrible framework for lower courts to analyse gun safety laws. They stopped lawmakers from trying to come up with solutions to gun violence. (2)They forced taxpayers [for the first time in our history] to fund religious mumbo jumbo that they wished not to fund in a case called "Carson vs Makin". These are stunning rulings, not this one.

  3. What about the rights of the unborn baby? And, the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the constitution, so screw your feelings.

  4. Maybe restoring American Values will restore America, & build a better future. We’ve experienced the worst times of our lives living with these negative laws, & no precedents.

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  6. If Santa gets my letter, some woman- maybe more than one- will come forward and tell the world she had an abortion because of Brett Kavanaugh or Clarence Thomas. Regarding Thomas, maybe/maybe not. Regarding Kavanaugh, I'm positive this happened at least once.

  7. Freedom to kill is no freedom at all

  8. The court is Roe v. Wade invented a right to privacy in the 14th Amendment that simply doesn't exist, they were an activist bench trying to impose policy on the American people, when the Constitution gives that right to Congress, the Senate, and state assemblies.

    Healthcare policy is the exclusive purview of the states. Congress cannot pass a law legalizing abortion, only the states can do that. What Congress can do is pass a law stating that in order for a state to get federal funding for healthcare, they have to provide legal access to abortion.

  9. Yes mention separation of church and state. Please!! Just wait until all the unwanted babies will be found in ditches along the Highway, trash cans, ponds! You can’t force a person to be a parent. Many people have no conscience or empathy. They don’t CARE!!

  10. Girls, we aren’t going to stand for this.

  11. We are waiting Debbie for YOU GUYS TO DO SOMETHING!!! We have no power. You have power!!

  12. America is slowly becoming a civilized society!!! …God Bless the Supreme Court!!🙏❤

  13. I like how Clarence is married to a white women and talking about revisiting other SCOTUS decisions. Marriage isn't in the constitution, Clarence and you're 3/5th of human being in the constitution. Watch yourself, champ. The court has already gone too far. Keep it up and it will be illegitimate.

  14. I think democrats fell asleep at the wheel. After Casey 1992, Clinton should have pushed to codify.

  15. I'm just going to say it affects so many other things as well this right here not just it just affects so many areas that can happen

  16. What the crazy world we're living. The Lord word says, at the end of the times; people are going to call the good ;evil and the evil they are going to call good.

  17. states get to legalize abortion, if they want. it's not nearly a crisis.

  18. What makes anyone think that women will still have the right to vote in November?

  19. I see if you where raped. incest and you may lose your life to Abort, but if it is because you do not use protection male or female, then thats YOUR bad and the life in you should not suffer for your MISTAKE. AKA keep your legs close if you can not have a child.

  20. Hay guy's you can find these women in your neighborhood bar, there like dogs in heat, they have no self respect and no thinking skills 😃.

  21. What is a women answer it now

  22. "Supreme Court decision ‘a crisis moment in our history’ (says) Rep. Debbie Dingell" so let's otherwise #ConvinceItForward

  23. 30K children are set to die in Illinois. Many, by the hands of women who choose to do it simply because they can and not because their lives are in any immediate danger.

  24. In ten years time America all gender neutral anyway,women will be completely done away with. It's already started in sport.

  25. If they ban contraceptives .."condoms" fall in that category so wide spread diseases will be rampet

  26. It’s time to change the laws that put these judges in supreme courts…these judges are extremist religious politically motivated by this decision

  27. I don’t know how these juges are voted to be in Supreme Court ?? Shocking…

  28. What is a woman? Ridiculous

  29. Theocracy much? This ruling is just the beginning. The far right religious extremist S.C. won't stop at taking away a woman's right to bodily autonomy; LGBTQ rights are also in its crosshairs. I foresee a day when our government will make a law that declares sex, other than for procreation, is illegal, and vigilante laws will be enacted to punish non-compliance. Government will nose into all aspects of our sex lives including the right to contraception (except abstinence, of course)… including tubal ligation and vasectomy. Gentlemen, masturbate much? Too bad, so sad. The religious extremists controlling our legal system will flip it on its head, and eventually deem masturbatory emissions, where the sperm is clearly not seeking an egg, as reckless abandonment.

  30. F*** all you baby killing motherfuker